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Kathrin, ProTeam Generation 30

After an internship in the revenue management department of LH Passage, I decided to apply for the ProTeam traineeship. The effort it took to create the application video was definitely worth it! The last few months have been an exciting journey: I have been able to gain new insights in the airline industry and have collected new tools and approaches for my work. Above all, I was able to meet plenty of fascinating people throughout the whole group and its different subsidiaries.

It never gets boring in a team of such diverse individuals. Pooling all the different viewpoints and finding common ground can be a challenge sometimes but the results are invaluable. For me personally,  creating an honest and straightforward atmosphere within the team was a very important step for successful teamwork. The next step will be our ProSocial project where we will dive into the Indian culture and will try to make an impact in a social enterprise.



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