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Have you seen the #inspiredby #travel video on Lufthansa’s YouTube channel yet?

“Exploring new places. Meeting new people. Travel.”

Every time I watch this video, I get goose bumps because it reminds me of the reason why I chose to come to Lufthansa in the U.S.: “If you’ve got the chance to make an experience: Do it.” Why settle for the ordinary if a company like Lufthansa offers you the extraordinary?

Hudson River (Meatpacking District)

Hudson River (Meatpacking District)

Lincoln Center - one of my favorite places in NYC

Lincoln Center – one of my favorite places in NYC

Lufthansa’s U.S. headquarters are located in Long Island, an island stretching northeast from New York City into the Atlantic Ocean and an approximate 40-minute drive from my home in Queens. My current position is in project management and management support, and my work mainly consists of assisting the Vice President of the Americas of Lufthansa Passage in all matters assigned.

Lufthansa's headquarters in East Meadow

Lufthansa’s headquarters in East Meadow

Having graduated one month prior to starting the internship at Lufthansa, I had only limited work experience and needed some time to adjust to a regular work schedule – a common student problem, I guess. My colleagues and fellow interns were phenomenal all throughout this adjustment phase, always helpful and friendly, cheering me up and taking me with them to lunch. One of my colleagues has even decided to go on a world trip for the next few months – such inspiration right at my work place!

Being an assistant, however, is highly demanding with only a short lull between projects. The latest projects in which I was involved included

  • the preparation of several presentations, most infamously this year’s Kick-off presentation which took up more than six weeks of continuous preparation,
  • the creation of an internal communication platform for the newly created Lufthansa North America patronage,
  • meeting preparation which can be difficult for a Lufthansa outsider such as myself (don’t get me started on all those internal abbreviations!),
  • recruiting management and assistance during interviews,

and many small tasks, such as translations, a competitor analysis, administrative tasks, event organization, and Christmas preparations. I am usually in contact with several different departments at the same time, trying to prioritize and communicate as effectively as possible.

Aside from my work, I truly enjoy living in the Big Apple. Having survived the recent snow storms, I am using my time to pursue my personal interests and explore the City. Together with my roommates, I go out for tasty Thai food in Hell’s Kitchen, enjoy concerts or recently watching the Superbowl at a rooftop bar, or take a trip to the Brooklyn Night Bazar for some good music and delicious home-made pastries. Since coming here in October, I have also been to Washington, D.C., Upstate New York, Boston, and Virginia. The other interns have also been all over the place, including California, Seattle, Toronto, and Chicago.

American Museum of Natural History (Upper West Side on the most beautiful day)

American Museum of Natural History (Upper West Side on the most beautiful day)

One World Trade Center (Lower Manhattan)

One World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan

The description of the video says:

“A life fully lived means venturing out to new frontiers!”

This statement could be used to describe my intention in coming to the U.S. and working for Lufthansa. The internship has challenged my way of working and my comfort zone many times, and living abroad is a whole experience in itself.

Lufthansa not only gives you the chance to experience a German company abroad, but also offers you a great setting for exploring the world around you. Don’t take yourself too seriously, have fun, and take the plunge into your own Lufthansa adventure – maybe also here in the U.S.!

– Julia

Making new friends :) (Flatiron District)

Making new friends :) (Flatiron District)

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