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Raised bilingual French and German in a very vibrant environment of parents who have worked around the globe, I have always had a passion for languages and travel. The most obvious thing for me was to study Tourism & Travel Management in my Bachelor’s, in combination with some Business Administration studies in France. Then I applied for a Fulbright scholarship to purse my Master’s in Marketing Communication in Boston, United States. This, mixed with some internships and volunteering in the music and film industry, some market research and event management experiences and some project work for a social innovation lab, made me the person I am today – curious, creative, committed but pretty indecisive of where I might end up in the future.

Aurélie, ProTeam Generation 30

And that’s when ProTeam comes into play: I’d call it an 18 month self- /group-finding and exploration program with 9 other like-minded but very different people, who all go through the same process of learning and figuring out who they are and what they want. The many workshops, teambuilding events, coaching sessions and get-togethers were greatly valuable for us to grow personally but also as a team. On top of the personal development aspects, we are given the unique chance to cherry-pick from a variety of projects in literally every area of the Lufthansa Group that best fit our skills and interests.

Personally, I enjoy making complex topics and processes tangible and mixing conceptual and hands on work, something I was directly able to apply in my first project. In the Innovation Strategy department, I am currently supporting the team with the conceptualization and implementation of an innovation accelerator program to foster the Group innovation culture.

Still overwhelmed by the many opportunities we have here at the Lufthansa Group, I am incredibly happy to be part of ProTeam and can only recommend it!

There’s always room to take a story further, but that’s it for now – What’s your story?



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