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StartCargo Team: Silvia (right) and Leonie (left)

StartCargo Team: Silvia (right) and Leonie (left)

Hi from the Lufthansa Cargo Center Frankfurt,

My name is Leonie and I am a former StartCargo trainee. I graduated from the program in 2012 and have since held different positions in our Hub Frankfurt’s handling departments. I am currently responsible for a team of around 150 employees who are working in our Lufthansa Cargo Center Frankfurt.

I entered StartCargo with a Bachelor of Arts in Aviation Management and roughly three years of work experience in the Airline and Airport Business. During the program I had the chance to work in different departments of Lufthansa Cargo, both in Frankfurt and in Johannesburg. It was great to learn not only about different tasks, structures, people and cultures of the organization in Frankfurt but also in Johannesburg, till today I enjoy the good memories of the insightful days I spent in Joburg.

After finishing StartCargo I began working for the Local Services department in Frankfurt. I started out as project manager and later on became team leader of the Quality & Service Center Frankfurt, a team of handling specialists dedicated to helping Frankfurt’s handling customers with any shipment issues. As you can imagine, with this being a first for me with regard to leadership tasks, I learned a lot about people, both myself and others. Being the youngest member of your team can be challenging but also very rewarding. Especially in those first days as team leader, I came to fully appreciate the value of our StartCargo program: the great support all the colleagues I had come to know during the program helped me settle quickly in the new role and to find an easy entry to leading a team. I enjoyed my time in the QSC and until today have maintained a close relationship with my team members. In 2012 I decided to take a year of leave and pursued my MBA with the help of a Scholarship. I spent a year in Boston, USA, and was happy to return back to Cargo for new challenges in mid-2013.

November last year brought the opportunity of a new challenge in Frankfurt! I was very lucky to become Head of Ramp- and Road Feeder Service Handling. I am now responsible for a great team of approximately 144 men and 6 women who do dedicate their daily work to Export Freight Acceptance, Import Freight Delivery and both Documentation and Handling of our Road Feeder Services (trucks operating with a flight number as an addition to our flights within Europe). Obviously a team as diverse as mine is full of new ideas, different characters and a great deal of knowledge and experience as well as a very long list of challenges to address altogether. I couldn’t be happier working in any other team at the moment. This special mix of operational topics to tackle, new ideas and projects to bring on the way the responsibility for such a good team make every day especially rewarding- and especially challenging!

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