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Guten Tag!

My name is Farhana and I’m an International Airline Professional (IAP) based in Singapore. Currently, I’m in the midst of completing my 6-week Headquarters assignment in Frankfurt. This is part of my IAP training program where I have to complete work assignments in various departments within Lufthansa.


I will be blogging for the next couple of days about what I have been up to since I arrived in Frankfurt a few weeks ago. For my first blog, I will be sharing with you my experience living in Germany for the past few weeks and how I am adapting to my new environment.

I’m sure you have heard of the saying, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” or in my case “when in Germany, do as the Germans do”. Well, that is what I’ve been doing since my first day in Germany.

This is actually not my first time in Germany. I have attended Business Seminars as part of my IAP Program and stayed at the Lufthansa Training Centre in Seeheim-Jugenheim several times before. However, this is the first time I am not staying at the Training Centre but immersing myself in the German work culture and day-to-day living.

One of the things I experienced while I’m here is the extremely efficient transportation system. I am amazed at the fact that my bus turns up and drops me off at exactly the same time every day. I also love the scenery my daily bus ride to work and back takes me through. I don’t get to see such vast plots of lands every day in Singapore!

Vast Land

Like most Singaporeans, I love eating and trying new dishes. So of course, I just had to try the Currywurst and Schnitzel during my stay here.





 I even bought a whole packet of rindwurst to make my own Currywurst during the weekends.

I also started the habit of recycling empty plastic bottles which I don’t usually do back in Singapore. I guess the cash voucher to spend at the supermarket in exchange for the empty plastic bottles is a huge motivating factor to recycle.

 I was not aware that all shops and supermarkets are closed on Sundays. So on my first Sunday here, I happily made a trip to the nearest supermarket only to find everything closed! I shared this with my German colleagues and they explained to me that most shops in Germany close on Sundays. So I do what everyone else in Germany does and buy everything I need on weekdays and Saturdays and stay indoors to enjoy my Ruhezeit (quiet time) on Sundays.

 Tomorrow I will share with you my experience working at the Lufthansa Aviation Center. So look out for my next blog post!

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