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IAP generation 2011

The email I had received stated that I had made it to the next round and included also information about a specific day and time for a possible telephone interview that I had to submit. I felt very excited and anxious at the same time. The interview lasted about 30 minutes and was held in English. The interviewer was very friendly but be prepared to listen to an English with a rather German accent.

Telephone Interview

Some weeks later I received again an email stating that I made it to the next round and included an invitation for a personal interview at the Athens town office…

The interview lasted around 2 hours and implied talks with the service team manager and the general manager of Greece & Cyprus. Before arriving at the office I felt very nervous but the service team manager was very friendly and thus helped me to relax. At the end of the interview I was informed about the further procedure that implied… waiting for my next email. 2 weeks later I finally received an email stating that I made it to the final round…

But what happened then… well, you will find out tomorrow :-)

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