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Me and my IAP colleagues

Hello everybody! I am Anastasios from Athens and I am doing the International Airline Professional program. Having already completed the first half of my program inspires me to share some of my unique IAP highlights with you. I would like to start writing about how I experienced my recruiting process. A little hint in advance: be patient!

The entire process lasts quite long and may drive you to your limits, but in the end it’s worth it!

After finishing my business administration studies at the University of Cologne I was looking forward to apply for an international company that would give me the opportunity to gain practical and theoretical experience within various departments, while being based in my home country. When visiting the Be-Lufthansa website an open trainee position was published, looking for a sales IAP in Athens. I liked the trainee description and decided to fill out the respective online application form.

After sending out the online application form, I had to complete an online test within a time frame of 10 days. Initially I felt a little nervous and stressed but managed to relax quite easily as there was the opportunity of practicing with sample tests.

Analytical Test

Some weeks later I received an email from Lufthansa stating… well I think it’s enough information for today, I will tell you more tomorrow!

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