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My IAP assessment center

The final round implied an assessment center in Frankfurt. Arriving at Frankfurt I went to the respective recruiting office where I met 4 further IAP applicants. The atmosphere was rather strange, as all of us were actually competing for the same position. Two of us were striving for the position in Athens and the other 2 for the IAP position in Mexico City. Luckily we managed to relax somehow and tried not to think about who would get the position. The assessment center implied diverse tasks such as group work, aptitude tests and personal interviews.

diverse tests

I must admit that it had been a quite hard and exhausting day as it lasted a whole day, including a morning and an evening flight from Athens to Frankfurt and back. Some weeks later my mobile phone rang…..

a taste of success

It was the general manager of Greece & Cyprus stating that I got the position. I was very happy and looking forward to sign my contract. I signed a local contract limited to 2 years, i.e. as long as the program would last. This was a little disappointing but nevertheless I was looking forward to starting my IAP experience….

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