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the ultimate aircraft feeling

My aircraft handling assignment was an unforgetable experience! I had the opportunity to work as a ramp agent at the airport of Athens. I must admit that I was overwhelmed with emotions when loading an aircraft for the first time. It was an Airbus 320 and the “goose bump effect” was unavoidable. The aircraft handling for Lufthansa in Athens is done by a local handling agency, which is also responsible for the aircraft handling of other airlines. Consequently I had the opportunity to experience diverse aircraft types and loading procedures, as these differ from airline to airline.

an IAP inspection

The working environment with the handling agents was also very interesting. The working procedures were very clear and communicating with all colleagues was very easy. Everybody was perfectly synchronized being aware of what and when, things had to be done. This caused of course some pressure on me as I was unexperienced, but I was lucky to find a colleague who was more than willing to show me all important insights a handling agent needs to know.

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