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Salam salam,

Today is a more traditional day where we dip deeper into the essence of Dubai. And do you know what is waiting for you? A safari tour and a visit to the gold souk (bazaar) :)

It was one of the most exciting days we had in Dubai. Jetting through the hills of the desert, running barefoot on the sand and having a traditional dinner with henna, hookah and belly dancers were truly amazing.

the beautiful henna drawing

the beautiful henna drawing


It was very interesting to see how different and at the same time how similar the Arabic & Turkish culture still is. This is one point why we really appreciate to be an IAP! After this trainee program our international approach will be much more developed and our worldwide network even more enlarged.
Intercultural competence is indeed one of the most important benefits you gain from this valuable training.

So, the day isn’t over yet and we further want to see the traditional face of Dubai. What could be better than combining this with shopping … ?

at the gold souk

at the gold souk

The perfect place for both is definitely the gold bazaar, in the heart of Dubai. We have never seen so much gold at one place and for a moment, we were just thinking “Should we look for a sheikh, we still have time for it”. ;)
In every corner, you could see the gold glittering and shining. The gold souk is like a paradise for women, full of glamour but also a nightmare for your wallet. ;)

At the end of this successful day, we managed to control our budget and ended up in a delicious traditional restaurant where 95% of the guests were locals. If you want to see the real food in Dubai, you have to go to the local places and not to the classic restaurant chains!

walking barefoot in the desert


So, our shoes are full of sand, our hunger is satisfied and it is time to go to the hotel.
Just wait and see what for a special experience is waiting for you tomorrow …

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