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I’m feeling good. I’m feeling I-should-have-my-own-theme-song good.

As I really dig into the work, I settle into a rhythm. I’m being pulled in ten different directions at once, all day, every day, but I’m handling everything that’s thrown at me; I can feel my confidence building. In fact, I’m virtually sailing along, until –


The event is being held at Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport, a small airport located on an island. This island is only accessible by ferry. Parking is limited, and this ferry is best accessed by a shuttle which runs from only one Toronto hotel. So how do we get our guests to the event?

A football play? No – it’s more complicated: a plan for getting everyone to the airport.

Armed with my newfound confidence, I briskly examine the situation. I conclude that I’ll have to see the airport for myself; I don’t want to risk any mistakes, especially with such prestigious guests.  The marketing manager, her intern, and the corporate account manager also want to come along, so after I ruthlessly hunt down a contact at the airport, the four of us drive out to Billy Bishop.

En route to Billy Bishop.

As we park near the ferry and get out of the car, a drop of rain hits my hand. Craning my neck, I can see the huge, black clouds rolling in. The four of us look at each other, and by unspoken agreement we make a break for the ferry, bursting into the building beside it just as the rain comes crashing down. The marketing manager stares outside, chewing her lip, and I know we’re thinking the same thing: what if it rains the evening of the event?

Why did I not think of this before?! The evening is completely centred around this sightseeing flight. Recognizing my unfortunate propensity for overreaction, I try to stay calm as visions of ornery, rain-soaked guests careen through my head. Hesitantly, I turn to the marketing manager.

“Well, if it rains, we can still hold the event … it’s only a real problem if there are thunderstorms. In that case, we could still have the cocktails and dinner, and guests could tour the plane – they just won’t be able to fly.”

It’s not ideal of course, but there’s not much we can do about the weather.

As we stroll onto the (covered) ferry, I’m nervous. The event is right around the corner and I need to pull this off…

The Toronto skyline from Billy Bishop Airport.

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