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The day has finally arrived … and it’s sunny outside!

I’ve been working overtime this past week to get everything prepared. Guest list, photographer, invitations, directions, parking, signage, logistics, public relations agency, staff trip to see the airplane, giveaways, reference notes – it’s all come down to this.

I spend the morning catching up on emails and last-minute preparations, change into a dress and heels, and pry my colleagues away from their desks. They’re excited to see the plane, but not about standing outside in the 35°C heat.

Our intern, Alex, exploring the plane.

Alex in the cockpit.

After the Lufthansa staff tour of the airplane, it’s time to kick into high gear. I’m setting up and directing and making calls, and then I notice – some of our reserved parking signs have blown away. I peer across the parking lot, finally spotting the errant pieces of paper several aisles down.

As I teeter across the asphalt in a most undignified fashion, I can’t help but wonder if Lufthansa knows what they’re paying me for.

Signage retrieved, I take a moment to really survey the venue; Company X has done an incredible job. The starkness of the hangar stands in cool contrast to the fluffy white tulle, fifty-foot screens, and ornate candelabras.

The hangar transformed.

Satisfied, I turn back to the parking lot, just in time to see a limousine pull up.

The chauffeur hurries to open the door for his passengers, and out steps a CEO, along with his wife. My manager greets them, and they move as if to enter the hanger – but then, the woman hesitates.

She turns. She makes eye contact. She smiles. She opens her mouth, and –

“Excuse me.  Is there somewhere here I could freshen up, first?”

Ahhh! The wife of the CEO of one of the most famous companies in Canada just spoke to me! Me! Ahhh–

“Of course,” I reply smoothly. “Just through those doors, and to the left.”

My night is off to a great start – and it’s about to get even better.

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