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Hi, all out there!

It’s me again, Jeonghee from Beach city Busan, South Korea, working for Lufthansa German Airlines as Senior Key account manager!

Your TiSS guide today :)

After Platform 2 (April), our project team got a lot to accomplish and prepare for the platform 3 (October).

As we face with a complex project, we’ve been working hard to use Scrum to improve teamwork, communications, and speed. Keep agile with an innovative scope of work, the possiblities are endless !

But our project members (8 people), who come from America, England, Germany and Korea, have tried hard to keep up the good team spirit to make it happend as ONE group, even if we sometimes stuggled to work with all in all different time zones :)

But we well managed to take advantage of various tools to put us together. e.g. Conference call, Lync, Lufthansa eBase (ShareFolder), Coaching Session, Taiga, Email, and Meeting actually to get together including our product owner.

Between 2 platforms, we got 6 months, you might think it’s a plenty of time given, but in reality, NOT REALLY!

So, when we actully met to evaluate our prototype (strengness & weakness) in Cologne, where Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Team were all together. Then we all experienced that things could get much easier to be agile together.

As our project is about Lufthansa Group as ONE, we tested our prototype, LHG Experience. There are a lot on our backlog list to finalize before the platform 3, as we need to sell our tested product to our managers there.

Like in a real trade fair, the market places will be visited by the invited Lufthansa managers, Product owners and the other TiSS participants, also creating a professional booth for a fair, which show the details of the product.

The spotlight is set on the stage, where each team will have 3 minutes to present an “advertisement” to the audience. This is the chance to introduce the results of the projects and to promote the product.

Wow… here, I personally freaked out to hear that we got only 3 mintutes to present our product considering all those efforts and engergies we input together, it feels way too short time to be given. But… that is what “advertisement” is all about.. I guess. The short video (1:30 min) should be also made for the project’s result. Better to make it emotional, remembering to cover the facts as well.

So, now it’s time to be more agile about our project, LHG Force 1 – One Group, One Mission, One Identity.

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Last, not the least, it’s the different excercise, and also great team work experience, but still challenging, that’s why I feel more valuable participating in this TiSS program in various respects.

The Scrum is not only about the result of your product and but also the result of the team work, as you need a team to face the complex issue together by being agil and innovative as one close working group to work it out in the end.

ONE team brings you a surprise !

From Korea to Germany and the other way round..
You will learn more about what our ‪#‎TiSS‬ (Talent in Sales and Station) program participants and #‎managers‬ abroad experience during these challenging but inspiring projects with various colleagues from all over the world !

The next TiSS blogging is coming soon…
Ps. See you all in Busan and Seoul, South Korea :)

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