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It´s getting serious – two month to go until our final platform.

Platform number three, where all participants meet again at the Lufthansa Training Center in Seeheim, is supposed to be the platform where every team has finished it´s project. But what does this exactly mean? Ideally, the ideas developed during the last month are good enough, that they can be used in real life.

But until then, we still have a long way to go.

To facilitate the progress of the project, each team has the possibility to meet in person once or twice, between platform two and three. And probably not only to facilitate the progress of the project but also to give the teams the possibility to grow together but also have some fun and last but not least to get to know each other better.

And so did our team. Last week, the FeeFighters met for two days in Vienna. A home match for me! :)

In order to be able to go ahead as much as possible, also our PO – the product/ project owner has joint us for half a day as well.

As our team, like all the other teams, is spread around the world, the colleagues arrived at different times. So it was up the early birds to get everything prepared. We decided about the agenda for the first day and what and how to present everything to Marc, our PO in order to get the best out of these two days. The preparations developed more towards brainstorming and serious teamwork. When our PO arrived, we were well prepared but also eager to find out, if we were on the right track.fee fighters vienna 7

The afternoon was dedicated to the wrap up of the results we have achieved during the past weeks and we were happy to find out that our efforts were not in vain. The discussions with our product owner were fruitful as we received a lot of inputs beneficial for our next to dos.

Brainstorming is exhausting so it was time for the famous Viennese Schnitzel. fee fighters vienna 6We headed towards the inner city of Vienna where we had a nice and typical dinner followed by a short walk through the old city. As I am living here, it´s not up to me to praise the city but I am sure, that my colleagues enjoyed this short impressions.

The next day started with a very nice breakfast which we used to get the last advice from our product owner before he left again.fee fighters vienna 5

The next hours have taken us some steps further on the way to our goals. We could rearrange our product backlog, distribute the remaining tasks among the team and set up the next goal and time box.fee fighters vienna 2


Tired but motivated, the time to say goodbye had come – at least, until our next telephone conference. Like participants of a flash mob, the FeeFighters dispersed, heading to their flights back home.

fee fighters vienna 1


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