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The way to platform 1 – expect the unexpected!


It all started with a promising statement: “Congratulations on your nomination: Welcome on board of TiSS Generation 9 – Living innovation!”

Wow, living innovation! What??? But that was not the only thing that raised a few question marks. This very first email received from the TiSS Design Team contained information about our TO DOs until the first platform and I have to admit that the most challenging point was: “Video clip: We would like you to prepare an 20 to 30 seconds elevator speech video showcasting and/or introducing yourself.” Me? On video? No way!

And after seeing the ideas about the content, I felt almost petrified:

  1. What makes you unique?
  2. What makes you creative?
  3. What do you want your audience to remember most about you?
  4. What was the last time you created an idea?
  5. How did you fight for your idea?

OH MY GOD! Horrifying! After days of thinking, talking to colleagues, writing concepts, filming, dropping the concepts again and starting all over, my video was finally uploaded. Yes! And the outcome? It could have been better but it was worth doing it! A new experience with a lot of fun! In the end it turned out that this very first challenge was actually a great idea!

And then, a few days before platform 1, the agenda arrived. Well, sounds interesting but can somebody please explain to me what “Design Thinking” and “Scrum” is all about?? No Georgi, don´t think too much about it, and don´t google it too much, platform 1 is near… But the agenda also says something about teambuilding, an international evening and of course, about finding your fellow. Impressive!


And finally, the time has come:

TiSS Badge
Early bird from Vienna to Frankfurt – bus to the training center in Seeheim- getting the badge – enter the room (wow, a lot of people!) – finding a seat – first attempts of getting connected – overwhelming introduction from the TiSS Design Team – the first video, with some technical issues, appears on the huge screen (poor Arden) – first presentation – lunch!







I´m almost speechless (and that happens rarely!), so many new impressions – I am really thankful to have the chance to be part of it!

And now it´s getting more exciting – find your fellow, the fellow whom you will be visiting for a couple of days and shadowing his professional activities. The fellow who will also show you around the city he is living in and also his working environment. I have to be honest and tell you that I had a “worst case scenario” in my head. For somebody working in my position, in Vienna, trips to a certain location are quite frequent.

The room is getting busy!

TiSS find your fellow












The TiSS Design Team announces the proceeding, each and every of us is running around, trying to find out who his fellow will be and finally, it´s my turn as well.

Ooooh, Arden! He´s nice! Wow, that´s cool! But wait a second….where is he working???

How the story goes on, what happened on the following days and what the song is all about, you will find out during the next month.

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