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Hi, there! I’m Jeong Hee, Senior Key account manager from Busan, Korea, your TiSS guide today :)

An important goal of the TiSS program is to foster self-reflection and development. So far, we have mirrored the SCRUM principles to reflect our development & learning goals by using the PDCA Cycle.

The 1st PDCA cycle run will be to evaluate the first platform, our set targets and if necessary a review. The 2nd PDCA cycle (Oct2015–Apr2016) will consist of planning your activities according to our objectives for the TiSS modules Follow your fellow, FyF, our project work until the next platform and for the second platform.
* P:Plan, D:Do, C:Check,  A:Act


So, as Alison released the teaser previously, now I’m taking you to my journey for FyF. Follow your fellow aims at connecting us with another TiSS participant to learn from each other. Aha! Like others, I was excited to visit my fellow in another part of the world. First, let me introduce my fellow, she is Ecaterina Schulz (Katja), responsible for Sales Management Central Key Accounts, based in Lufthansa Aviation Center (LAC). Each of us got a couple of days for shadowing the partner. I started first to shadow her in Frankfurt from 01MAR.

3-0     FYF 4-1

Hee Day 1 : When I arrived at Frankfurt airport in the evening, we started our program already in Sachsenhausen by gathering with other Frankfurt colleagues that Katja invited, very warm welcoming indeed! Oh, but don’t worry about my jetlag from 8 hours time difference between Germany and Korea, because I grew up as a Lufthansa person :)


Katja and I keep it in mind that at platform 2 we will have a “FyF Gallery” in which we will have our presentations shared with the other TiSS participants. For some of us who are paired with someone essentially performing the same tasks at another location this will mean getting another perspective on your own way of performing tasks. For others who are paired with someone in a different position this will rather mean broadening your horizon / your knowledge by getting an impression of a field you have not been working at yet.

Hee Day 2~3 : I got a chance to explore more in the very heart of Lufthansa, LAC. Quite impressive!, for someone’s eyes who came from a very small organization comparatively. I also found that LAC recently implemented the new working space concept that, every morning, you can choose your own desk for your preference, brilliant! It could save some spaces as well as make you feel fresher with new neighbors in the new surroundings, sometimes being away from the mundane routine of working life. So I could also choose my own temporary place there, Yay! And it’s avery inspiring to meet other colleagues from various departments in different areas, not only through finding them in Outlook, but in real.

FYF 4-2 FYF 2-1 FYF 2-2

Here I got more luck! As Katja is a former flight attendant, she guided me to mysterious places (to outsiders like me), such as Lufthansa Flight Training center, Flight Attendant Facilities. There I got some photo shoot with PR people in the retro uniform.

               FYF 3-1     FYF 3-2

Katja’s Day 1~2 : A few weeks later, it’s Katja’s turn in Korea, but in 2 different cities. So it’s more challenging for her to shadow me in a given time. But we made it fantastically. I work mainly in Busan, but also need to commute to Seoul where our Korea head office is located whenever necessary. We visited the Seoul office first to meet our colleagues, to see our setup, and to show Katja basically how I work remotely with Seoul team.

Under the same umbrella name of Lufthansa, there are various approaches and values also depending on local markets. So as a “family” member of the big global company, sometimes it’s good to be out of your own outift to come closer to other members of the big family :)

               FYF 5     FYF 6-1

Katja’s Day 2~3: After Katja’s exploration in Seoul office, we headed to the port & marine city to smell another Lufthansa in the southern part of Korea. It’s around 410 km away from our capital. As the shipping and maritime industry are a big part of the market, we also met the external expert, the extrepreneur, to get a glimpse of a local economy, who is also the German honorary consul in Busan.

And as this is the very first time for her to be in Korea, at our last night together in Busan, I invited her to my house to taste the Korean cuisine. As the culture is an essential part to understand for a business, I believe this FyF program is not just about shadowing each other between colleagues, but also it played the role to understand each market through a different culture.

FYF 6-2

To come to the end of my blog, already 5 months have passed since TiSS Kick Off Event. We have started on our first Sprint cycle to get going with specifying our projects. In platform 2, we will review our results from the work after platform 1, we will deepen your understanding of Scrum. Living innovation!

Thank you very much for reading my article! Vielen Dank! 감사합니다~ 
Welcome to Busan and Korea!

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