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What’s the first thing you do when you walk into a crowded room? Search for a familiar face. It is instinctive. But the whole purpose of this program is to learn; not about just one person, not just one concept, not just one airline. Move outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Meeting a group of intelligent, dedicated and ambitious men and women can certainly be intimidating but who better to take this journey with than like-minded colleagues who want to make a difference and stand out from the crowd.

When the topics were presented, which we would be working on with a team for the next year, I made the conscious decision to choose a topic I had never worked on before, with a team comprised of colleagues whom I had never met. This proved to be a challenge as some topics were more popular than others and space in each group limited. Being the stubborn Capricorn I am, I held my ground and managed to secure the last spot in my group of choice.


With the individual introductions complete and a glimpse into what was in store for us in the upcoming year it was time for a little fun, all the while learning about the culture, cuisine and characteristics of the ensemble cast that will forever be known as 9th Generation TiSS! Traditional costume, delicacies, sweets and libations were just a few of the items on display during the multicultural night. What an invaluable experience, to have colleagues share a little piece of “home” and take us on a journey around the world in a few short hours, without leaving the confines of a conference room.FotorCreated

Day two we were thrown right into design thinking methodology, otherwise known as SCRUM. Now I like to think of myself as adventurous, but even I was a bit apprehensive to find that blindfolds and rope were required learning tools for day two. Apprehension quickly turned into amusement as we applied the SCRUM concepts we were learning, Plan, Iterate, Check and repeat, toward practical (or comical) application.


After two intensive days of reshaping the way we think about project management, learning how to work with a new global team and diving head first into a project we hoped would revolutionize the airline industry, it was time to return home. I left hopeful for what the year ahead would bring, determined to develop something valuable with my team and excited to visit my fellow in another part of the world. But that’s a story for next time!

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