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And just like that is it over.  A year’s worth of work comprised of conference calls, surveys, deadlines, challenges, a world of “No’s”, laughs, inside jokes, networking, building relationships, personal growth, passion, products, panic and great relief.


It seems as though, in the weeks leading up to the final platform, we made magic happen. Everything started to fall into place. Thoughts and ideas became info pages, advertisements and a trade fair booth.  I have to admit, for a while there, I wasn’t sure we were going to have anything to present. But through perseverance, teamwork and a genuine desire to produce something amazing we succeeded.


I thought standing in front of managers and product owners from around the globe, presenting our results, would have been intimidating and downright terrifying. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of the conversations, the interest of the attendees and the relevance of the questions. The structure of the day allowed us to not only share the fruits of our labor but rather engage and gain valuable feedback and constructive criticism. To top off an enriching experience each of the teams received an award from the TiSS design team. Our group was honored to receive the “Outside the box thinker” award.

The team

It is always a pleasant surprise to be recognized, not only for the results you produce, but also for your dedication and passion.

Once the presentations were done and after a huge sigh of relief it was time to celebrate – a job well done, amazing colleagues, new friends, mastering SCRUM, personal accomplishment, take your pick.  Despite the diversity of the group one thing we all have in common – we know how to have fun and dance the night away. We earned it!

Time to celebrate!


The entire roster of  the 9th Generation TiSS program should be proud of what we accomplished both individually, within our project teams and as a group. So I tip my hat and offer congratulations to you all. I feel privileged and honored to have had the opportunity to meet all of you and look forward to the day our paths cross either in business or as we travel the world. I will never forget my experience or the things you have taught me. Until then my friends,

Auf Wiedersehenadjöarrivederci, adiós, Tchau, 안녕, وداعا

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