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Hello again!

In my previous blog, I wrote that I am currently in the midst of a 6-week Headquarters assignment as part of my International Airline Professional (IAP) training program. Lufthansa’s Headquarters is in Cologne. However, several departments are at the Lufthansa Aviation Centre (LAC) in Frankfurt where the company’s primary aviation hub is located. One of them is the Global Online Sales and Mobile Services department where I am currently undergoing my assignment.

I really enjoy working at the LAC. It is a beautiful piece of modern architecture and on a sunny spring day, the building looks like a big glass box gleaming in the sun.


Lufthansa Aviation Center (LAC)

I love the gardens located within the building as it gives the place a warm touch and something to look at when I need a short break from work. Not only do I have a lovely view of one of the gardens in the LAC, but also the sky when I look up from the window right next to my desk! I am definitely going to miss this view after my 6 weeks here.


One garden in the LAC


Another garden


Glass top at LAC

The LAC is not only modern in its design but is equipped with modern facilities too. For example, the meeting rooms can be booked online and the booking information will be reflected on a small screen outside the room when the meeting is in session.


Meeting room in the LAC

The department where I am undergoing my assignment is also working on a modern method of selling airline tickets and providing airline related services. Basically the Global Online Sales and Mobile Services department manages the sales and services on the website, lufthansa.com, and Lufthansa mobile apps. They are always thinking of new ways to increase online sales and enhance user experience when they visit our website and use our mobile app.

One of my main taskis during this assignment is to assist in the implementation of a new tool on lufthansa.com called Door-to-door Itineraries. The way the tool works is by simply entering your origin and destination, the application will suggest how you can get from point A to point B (by bus, train, flight etc) and the duration of your journey. The tool is currently undergoing beta testing but you can still try it out: http://www.lufthansa.com/de/en/door-to-door. Do share with me what you think about it!


Door-to-door Itineraries

I am learning so much about online sales and marketing while working on this project. I hope to continue to learn as much as I can and contribute my thoughts and ideas to the project team and hopefully see the Door-to-door Intineraries tool go “live” before I fly back to Singapore!

In my next blog post, I will be sharing with you some of the places I visited in Germany during my stay here, so do look out for it!

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