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Best of the best, crème de la crème, extrem geil – no matter how you say it, they are the chosen few who are currently taking part (or who took part) on the TiSS programme. For some of you who are not familiar as to what TiSS is all about, TiSS stands for Talents in Sales and Stations. It is a programme where selected individuals all over the world in the Lufthansa Group meet, collaborate and develop new innovative ideas!


TiSS Generation 9 – Living Innovation

In order to share the TiSS experience to all the people living in this planet, we have created this blog where we will be publishing series of articles to tell you, as we live the experience, all the interesting stories and adventures as we go along the programme. We plan not to elaborate too much at the moment but for sure more to come after the holidays. But before we hit the publish button in WordPress, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves who will be managing the TiSS blog.



01 AlisonMy name is Alison and I am currently Customer Feedback Process and Quality Coordinator for Lufthansa in the Americas based in New York. My career with Lufthansa spans 16 years, 3 departments and positions including telephone sales, baggage call center, website support, customer relations and social media marketing.

I am fortunate enough to have been given opportunities to create an entirely new department from the ground up, develop tools and processed to improve quality and productivity in another, establish and maintain a social media presence for Lufthansa in the U.S. and was even allowed to drive a food truck, wrapped to look like a Lufthansa aircraft, across the USA.

02 Alison

I drove this food truck, wrapped to look like a Lufthansa aircraft, across the USA.

03 AlisonAs you might has guessed I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to develop both personally and professionally, so when I learned I had been nominated for the TiSS program and invited to contribute to the blog I was both honored and excited. My next thought was, wait, what exactly is TiSS? I am looking forward to embarking on this journey of discovery with my fellow TiSS Generation 9 participants and sharing more about the program and our projects with you.




04 GMHi, my name is Georgiana but most people call me Georgi as that´s definitely easier to pronounce!

I am originally from Romania but live in Vienna for 25 years. And what could be more appropriate if living in Austria than working for Austrian – for myAustrian! And this is what I do for 11 years by now!


05 GM

Like Alison´s path into the airline world, also mine started with telephone sales and believe me, that´s school for life! And as we are talking about school…I also had the chance to hold trainings for a few years, sometimes also around the world, which was really nice but sometimes also exhausting.

Nowadays, I am doing what I actually never thought that I will have to do: analyzing figures, doing sales forecasts and dealing a lot with Excel. But this is what somebody who is working in a department called “Sales Management and BIU Europe” , needs to do! And the odd thing is that I really like it!

As my team leader was part of the 7th TiSS generation, I had the chance to hear a lot of nice things about the program already before I was nominated. In a certain way, I was envying him as it seemed to me really interesting. Probably he was tired of hearing me saying “Oh, that´s cool”, “Oh, how nice, lucky you” and things like that, so I guess, in order to have some peace and quiet, he nominated me for the 9th TiSS generation.

I am not sure, if he is still convinced that my nomination was the best idea, as now, being excited to be part of it, I am asking him even more questions than before. But he is just telling me: “Relax Georgi, you will have a great time, meet a lot of new people and will learn a lot, not at least a lot about yourself!”


Jeong Hee

06 JHPMy name is Jeonghee, from Busan, South Korea. And I was lucky enough to do a blog here to share my stories about TiSS.

I’m a sales team leader in Busan catchment area, and I’ve been working at Lufthansa for 8 years. The city of Busan is not well known in Europe yet, but we have quite a lot of traffic from Europe due to the maritime industry. My main task is of course to increase sales by bringing the people to our Incheon flights to Munich or Frankfurt.

Since I joined Lufthansa, my passion on the aviation industry grew enormously. It’s an amazing job to be able to dream to fly to where you want to be. Apart from the professional world, I have a big passion on rowing and small sized ship as I live in a port city being surrounded by river and ocean. So, in most of my life, I’m living either in an air or in a water.

I’ve been curious on what TiSS program is all about, as I was searching for something inspiring after working in the same position several years. So, I was very excited to be selected this year, and more intrigued about the program at first day of TiSS. During TiSS kick off event, I was positively challenged in many respects. Also it was interesting how we get involved in a team project. I believe during the 1 year process, there must be an important learning for me.

07 JHP

So, let’s buckle up the belt, and fly for the adventure !



Arden_1When I received the invitation for the TiSS Generation 9, I did the MJ moonwalk and danced like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever … and if you dare to imagine, here how it looks!

Then, the invitation for the opportunity to apply to write a blog for the TiSS came along and it literally took me just four seconds to decide ‘yes’ I am in. Yes just four seconds, nothing more and nothing less. Why? Well probably most of you are not aware that there is actually this four-second rule that defines whether you really like something. As in really-really like something… like when you arrive in a party and see an interesting person and quite honestly the first four seconds of your eye contact are the vital moment where you subconsciously decide whether you are going out with this person or not.

Anyway, to introduce briefly myself, my name is Arden and I am currently working with the European Area Management team – if you refer to Lufthansa’s simple book of codes, it was formerly called LON EA and then it was changed to FRA EA in 2011 and changed to FRA AC in 2014.


My lovely colleagues.. FRA AC team on ice!


Part of my current job is telling the future (and read minds). I am responsible in analysing the European market performance including all the latest gossips in the industry and competition and then put them all together in one single thought. I then translate all my findings to monetary amount which we call “revenue forecast” (I wasn’t joking earlier when I said I tell the future as part of my job). Revenue forecast is a serious task with zero tolerance to failure. You have to be a proper hardcore nerd and who loves “mispelchen” to deliver this analysis.

I am very excited about the TiSS programme as this is one great way to meet and work with different brilliant colleagues around the world. Also, this is a great opportunity to develop ideas, make them happen and contribute to the overall success!

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