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Hi everyone!

Hi, my name is Anna!

Hi, my name is Anna!

My name is Anna-Marie Österlund and I’m a 24-year old marketing intern at Lufthansa Cargo Helsinki, Finland. I’ve been interning in the company since August, taking a gap year from my studies in international marketing at the School of Business and Economics at Åbo Akademi.

In this post I will give you an insight in what tasks and responsibilities include in the daily work of a marketing & sales intern. I have also interviewed my colleague Otto, our handling & quality intern, to share his thoughts on working at one of the biggest airfreight companies in the world. I will share the best things about our work and how it is to work for an international company like Lufthansa Cargo. So if you are interested in internships and see the world as your workplace; hang along and read!

Anna and Otto from Lufthansa Cargo, Helsinki.

Anna and Otto from Lufthansa Cargo, Helsinki.


9.30 a.m. Marketing meetings and campaign planning

After a relaxing weekend it’s time to be creative and start planning upcoming marketing actions. The marketing team for the Nordic countries is centrally based in Stockholm, which means we plan the local marketing actions together with my boss, the Country Manager for Finland and Baltics, and with the marketing team in Stockholm. The more ideas, the merrier the outcome!

The marketing planning includes various phone calls, e-mails and meetings. We plan the campaigns and events together where after we do the first drafts for the communication. Well begun is half-done, meaning the basis for everything is a well-organized plan-of-action. Excellent PowerPoint skills, an eye for creativity, as well as good communication skills are of an advantage in this job.


9.00 a.m. Meeting room setup

Who would have known that a background in the restaurant business can be helpful in the airfreight industry? Well, it can! We often organize meetings and events for our customers which require careful preparation. To my tasks include making sure everything is ready and prepared for customers. Whether it is to book meeting rooms and catering services or to welcome guests and make them feel comfortable, I take care of the details. I make sure the meeting room is presentable and that the table is set with refreshments and snacks, pens and notebooks. Product brochures and marketing giveaways have to be ordered, prepared and ready for distribution at events, meetings or other gatherings.


10.20 a.m. The safety in the air starts on the ground

Otto Heiska is a 25 year-old handling & quality intern at Lufthansa Cargo

Otto Heiska is a 25 year-old handling & quality intern at Lufthansa Cargo

My colleague Otto Heiska is a 25 year-old handling & quality intern at Lufthansa Cargo. His job includes making sure the precious cargo is loaded the right way, in order to maintain the high level of quality and accuracy of Lufthansa Cargo. Otto works closely with the ground handling agent so I follow him to the warehouse to witness the real deal; cargo handling and loading being controlled. After being controlled, the cargo is ready to be freighted all over the world in fastest possible time.

This is the place where speed, efficiency, and accuracy are key, making sure our customer’s cargo gets delivered safely, on time, and with the highest level of quality. I take a minute to ask Otto a few things about his job.

Despite having many years of experience in the air freight business and a bachelor double degree from Berlin School of Economics and Law, Otto says he has never learned so much as during his 6 month internship with Lufthansa Cargo.

“- The work is very hands-on and I get to work with so many different people; from flight agents to warehouse workers”, Otto explains.

Quality lies within the details!

Quality lies within the details!

As a handling & quality intern it is important to have the ability to see the big picture and be ready to learn new things.

“- I believe in learning by doing and this job is exactly like that. In addition, you have to have a self-starter work ethic and keep an open mind. You will learn a lot that way and get connections that are valuable for life”,  Otto adds.

Otto gives the thumbs up for the cargo. As the cargo is being quality controlled accordingly, it is now ready for loading on a Lufthansa aircraft, assuring a safe flight for both the goods and the passengers.

Otto gives the thumbs up for the cargo. As the cargo is being quality controlled accordingly, it is now ready for loading on a Lufthansa aircraft, assuring a safe flight for both the goods and the passengers.


8.50 a.m. Campaign monitoring and administrative tasks

We are getting close to the end of the week which means Thursdays are a good day to start looking back at the week and see what we have achieved. Evaluating campaigns is equally important as the thorough planning of the campaigns..

In order to know what is successful and what can be improved, monitoring throughout the campaigns is extremely important. I collect and analyze data during campaigns to follow up and to measure the success of the campaigns. After a campaign has ended I summarize the key facts and the most important figures in a report. Might sound boring, but actually these things are very interesting and important! Not only do I analyze numbers and work with Excel, I also interview the sales team to better understand the outcome of a campaign. It helps us evaluate our work and plan even better campaigns in the future.

Various secretarial and office administration duties are also a part of my tasks. These tasks include for example duty travel arrangements for my colleagues, preparing cost slips for accounting and updating mailing lists. My work is definitely never the same or boring!

Friday 3.40 p.m Wrapping up the week

My week is about to come to an end. I’ll end my week with answering some emails and calling a conference location to confirm our reservation for a strategy meeting. One of our customers calls me to confirm his attendance to one of our events. My studies in PR and marketing come to use daily, as I communicate with different kind of people in different situations. Meeting new people and getting the opportunity to use various skills in reality is definitely the best things about my job!

Remember; everything you learn in life can be of an advantage so never underestimate the things you learn in school, through a hobby or at a summer job. All skills are good skills :)

All smiles after a week of work! Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the journey through my work week!

All smiles after a week of work! Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the journey through my work week!

I hope you enjoyed reading my post! I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Greetings from a snow-free Finland, wishing you all a Merry Christmas,


P.S. Need more to get convinced it’s the best internship in the world? Read below my top list on the best things about working at Lufthansa Cargo:

  1. International environment. The airport environment and working in an international company like Lufthansa Cargo is very rewarding as you meet people from all over the world from different nationalities and backgrounds. Having an international mind and past is definitely an advantage!
  2. The best colleagues. I work with the best team I could ask for and it is a joy to go to work every morning. Everyone supports each other and we have fun at work as a team. I find supporting each other and enjoying work very important in successful teamwork, even in life in general!
  3. Versatility in work tasks. My days are always diverse and exciting. My tasks are very versatile and there is rarely a day alike the other. New tasks can emerge unexpectedly and I love getting new challenges that needs to be solved; a new campaign to run or a new event to be planned.
  4. Meeting new people. Customers or colleagues, does not matter! It is always a pleasure to meet new people and build up your network. People in the same industry share a special bond that makes it very easy to connect with new people. Wherever I go or whoever I meet, I always feel like I get new friends and expand my network.
  5. Events and Traveling. Who would not love to travel? My favorite trips so far has been a product event in Tallinn, Estonia and different strategy workshops around the country. I feel fortunate to be counted as one of the team and getting the opportunity to travel both near and far!
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