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After graduating from Maastricht University I was not really planning to join a large multinational company because I was looking for a dynamic working atmosphere with many exciting insights into different topics. – And I was not expecting to find it in a large company.

Joel, ProTeam Generation 29

However, more or less by chance I came across the ProTeam microsite. “Can they be really serious?!” was the question I asked myself. Anyway, I wanted to give it a try and maybe find out more about it during the interview – of course they had to choose me first of all. As I was lucky, I was invited to the assessment days and immediately when I entered the room I felt that I could see myself in this company. I remembered that I already liked the very friendly atmosphere during my internship after my bachelor.

Looking back not over my shoulders, but at the very exciting projects and other experiences the last year I am more than sure that I made the right choice to join ProTeam.



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