Hi there from London, the city that I will be calling home for the next few months. As part of the graduate management programme StartTechnik, we are quite lucky and get to pick the location for our foreign assignment ourselves. But how do you choose when you can basically go wherever you want to go? Not that easy! When I started my graduate scheme in September 2018, I thought about places far away – Puerto Rico, Manila, Singapore. And as you might already have read from previous blog articles, working and living in these cities must be really great. With my foreign assignment approaching, I couldn’t postpone this decision any further – and realised that our subsidiaries in Europe have a lot to offer as well. So here I am, living and working in London whilst enjoying my cup of tea :-)

Lufthansa Technik Landing Gear Services (LTLGS) London is one of the three Landing Gear MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) sites within the LHT network, together with the facilities in Hamburg and Los Angeles. Whereas Hamburg is capable of doing the overhaul of Airbus gears, London is focusing on Boeing gears and Los Angeles can do both, Airbus and Boeing gears. Here in London we work in a three-shift roaster, overhauling the gears from start to finish – from disassembly to the final built. That includes the expertise of various departments as the gear parts pass different shops, for example our in-house machining and plating shops. All of that is done under one single roof. Quite impressive, right?

Being so close to the MRO of landing gears, I was aiming for a project that involves various facets of LTLGS’s production process. Luckily, during my assignment I get to be part of even two production related projects: Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Continuous Improvement & Production Standards (CIPS). Whereas the SCM project focuses on material availability whilst minimising costs, the CIPS project aims to increase the labour efficiency and reduce the turnaround time of the landing gears during the production process. As this makes it quite easy for me to access the shop floor, there is almost no day that I’m not there, which is a lot of fun!

Entrance to LTLGS

When you now start wondering where in London there is that much space for our big facility, I have to admit that LTLGS is not in central London. To be more specific, LTLGS is based in Hayes and Harlington, nearby Heathrow. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t live in the city centre. There’s actually a good train connection, which takes you from London Paddington to Hayes and Harlington in no longer than 20 minutes, which is actually a quite short commute for London.

Living nearby Paddington gives you the chance to experience London’s cosmopolitan lifestyle and all it has to offer. Museums, concerts, international cuisine – whatever your cup of tea is, you will find it here! But as much as London has to offer, it can become too much to take in every now and then. Especially now during summer, the city can get quite packed. The good thing is though, with a lot of people coming into the city during summer season, going out of the city to explore the coastline feels like holidays!

Daytrip to Eastbourne

Sunday afternoon at Camden Market

Tower Bridge

I have been in London for two months now and I am still very happy that I came here. Working at LTLGS gives me the chance to be super close to the production and to get a better understanding of the overhaul process itself. Besides, living in such an international city really is an experience. I’m excited to see what the rest of the London summer (and autumn) will bring, but one thing is for sure, it won’t get boring!



Profile of StartTechnik Trainee:

Annabell Löser started the StartTechnik Graduate Management Program in September 2018. Previously, she did her Masters in Operations Management at ESB Business School in Reutlingen. During her Bachelor studies at Lancaster University in England, she had her first contact with the aviation industry. She gained her major professional experience through internships in the automotive industry and projects at medium-sized companies. Furthermore, she was involved in a research project where she worked on a new concept for autonomous driving. Annabell then decided to move on to the aviation industry, with her assignment abroad being her third project within the StartTechnik program. Prior to supporting LTLGS in London, she worked at LHT’s subsidiary Lufthansa Technik Logistic Services (LTLS) on the implementation of AMOS (Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering System), followed by her second project within the Product Division Base Maintenance Services during which she worked on the application ToolNOW.