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Remo and I got the chance to work on projects based in New York. Naturally, we were both very excited to go and work in New York!
On one of our first days in New York, we were invited by the SWISS JFK station manager to visit the SWISS station at JFK. It was a great experience. We visited the SWISS Business lounge and got to join the entire SWISS station team for their monthly performance meeting. It was a particular interesting day at the station as some VIP guests were flying on LX 17 that day and hence the respective arrangements had to be made.

SWISS Lounge at JFK airport

SWISS Business lounge at JFK airport

Lukas: For my project assignment abroad, I chose to go to New York to join the Lufthansa Airline Group & Alliances team.  The NYC area offices are the largest offices outside of the home countries of the individual LH Group airlines as the Americas markets are of great importance for all of the group carriers.

I joined the Lufthansa Group & Alliances team as I was eager to learn more about airline alliances. In North America, there is the A++ Joint Venture consisting of all of the LH Group carriers (Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian, Brussels) and United Airlines as well as Air Canada. Hence, in the alliances team, we work not only with all the LH Group carriers but also with our partner airlines United and Air Canada. Specifically, in my project I was evaluating further potential for an extended bilateral collaboration with our JV partner United. For that matter, I was analysing sales account management processes and sales systems of both carriers to identify potential efficiency gains. The sales and Joint Venture topic was completely new to me. It was a great experience and learning for me as a SWISS trainee to meet with representatives from United and Air Canada. It gave me great insight into the business culture of North American airlines.

However, my time in NYC has almost come to an end and I am already very much looking forward to my last project assignment with Corporate Development back at the SWISS headquarters in Zurich. I am excited to work on strategically highly relevant and current hot topics for SWISS.

Manhattan Skyline view from Brooklyn

Manhattan skyline view from Brooklyn

The experience of living in New York has been great for us. We both absolutely enjoy the incredible fast pace of the city. Trends are moving fast and there is so much to explore. The Meatpacking district, SoHo or Williamsburg in Brooklyn are our favorite neighborhoods to spend some free time on the weekends!

Take care!



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