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Hello Blog- Readers,

We are the new generation of IAP Compact 2015 of Lufthansa Cargo AG. For those of you not familiar with the term – IAP stands for International Airline Professional and is a trainee program focusing on logistics, sales and handling coordinated by the Human Resource Development Department of Lufthansa Cargo.

First, let us introduce ourselves: we are Justin, Richard, Simon, Franziska, Francesca, Paul, Alexandra, Elisabeth and Stephanie stationed in ATL, DUB, AMS, LON, MIL, NYC, LAX, VIE. We have very diverse backgrounds including International Business, Supply Chain Management, Aviation Management and Aeronautical Engineering.

In order to be part of this program we went through an extensive application process consisting of several stages such as online tests, telephone interviews, personal interviews with the local station managers and an assessment center in Frankfurt.

Two weeks ago, we all started the IAP Compact program at our respective home base. During our first week we were given a general overview of the structure of Lufthansa Cargo AG, of our home station and got to know our colleagues who introduced us to their responsibilities and tasks. By the end of the week we were settled in our new workplace, having gained exciting insights and were able to book our first duty trip to Frankfurt on our shiny new laptops.

Lufthansa Cargo Center

The IAP Compact 2015 Trainees – Richard, Simon, Justin, Elisabeth, Paul, Alexandra, Franziska, Stephanie and Francesca

At the start of the second week we arrived at the Lufthansa cargo headquarter from all over the world. We now had the chance to finally meet each other. This was a very exciting experience where we were able to get to know each other and exchange our different stories. Following a kick-off event we were given the opportunity to visit the Lufthansa Cargo Animal Lounge which takes care of the export, import and transit of live animals at Frankfurt airport which includes anything from a mouse to an elephant. Unfortunately the cats we saw were a bit smaller than the one on the poster at the entrance (see photo).

Animal Lounge

Visiting the Animal Lounge at Frankfurt Airport accompanied by Jenny, Hannah and Kilian of HRD

After lunch, we directly headed to our first training session at the Lufthansa Cargo Training Academy. 2 days later, with the help of our friendly and interactive teacher, we are now proudly certified according to IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. Now abbreviations like CAO (cargo aircraft only) or the difference between handling and hazard labels are clear to us and even the quite confusing chapter about lithium batteries.

DG certificates

We proudly present our DGR certificates

In the next two weeks further training will help us to gain more skills and knowledge about cargo handling and sales. Class room trainings as well as a visit on the apron are on the schedule. When we return to our home bases we will get the chance to practice daily business in sales and handling.

We are confident that this will prepare us for the future practical assignments and projects of this program. Additionally it is a great step to develop our careers at Lufthansa Cargo.

We are already looking forward to give you an update on our lives as IAP Trainees in our next blog entry. If you want to find out more about us you can also follow us on www.be-lufthansa.com.

Your IAP Compact 2015 Team

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