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My second full day in Seeheim begins a little more auspiciously – I wake up feeling refreshed, I find my shoes right away, and I have an extra six minutes for breakfast! (It’s the little things in life, right?)

Today, we delve more deeply into project planning tools. We tackle my arch nemesis, the network diagram, review work breakdown structures, learn about risk analysis, and more. Using the same case from yesterday, we split into groups to start applying what we’ve learned, and the morning speeds by.

At lunch, I notice Olena frowning at her phone. I ask her what’s up, and she tells me that she’s looking for a place to live in Frankfurt during her headquarters assignment, and that although she’d love to see it beforehand, she won’t have the opportunity – “in my country, only a crazy person rents an apartment without seeing it first … so I guess I’m a crazy person?”

Lena and Peter on their phones.

Part of being an IAP involves giving presentations, and this afternoon is Yovana and Valeria’s turn as they teach us about the golden rules of risk management. Despite their self-professed nervousness, it comes off beautifully – although I’m slightly distracted by Yovi’s (lovely) penmanship on their flipchart:

Pretty pictures, mmm.

The hours speed by, and before I know it, class has ended. And then it’s dinner. And then … it’s Disko Dienstag.

Disko Dienstag is the social highlight of the week in a hotel that sits at the top of a mountain and is surrounded by a forest, a tiny village – and nothing else. One of the bars is thrown open for music, dancing, and networking, and it’s always a great time.

As usual, I’m a bit late to join the party, and I see that many of the IAPs have a head start. I catch up quickly, and soon feel ready to hit the dance floor. In the small, crowded space, it gets hot pretty fast, though, so Alex and I head outside for some fresh air.

We bring some Indian flavour to Germany.

We take turns throwing snowballs at a tree, assigning points for accuracy. Karsten joins us, where he gleefully initiates his first ever snowball fight.

As our hands grow numb, we head back inside to the bar. For the next few hours we all dance together until finally, the music stops, the lights go up, and we grudgingly trudge back up to our rooms. I glance at my clock and grimace – tomorrow is going to come far too quickly …

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