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Hey together,

As this is my first blog entry, I will shortly introduce myself :)

I am Jessica I am 20 years old and I am participating in the St.i.p. Finance Program of Lufthansa. Normally I am studying at the University of Mannheim and I will start my 4th semester of BWL this year. As a member of this program we are allowed to do 1-2 internships abroad. So I was really happy when I got the confirmation to go to New York.

Now I am here and it is still unbelievable. The office where I work every day is set in East Meadow which is just 45 minutes away from Manhattan. I just can’t wait to visit the City at the weekend.


Me at the office.

I arrived at a Saturday at the JFK in New York. The Sunday I used to get along with my jetlag and to discover my environment in East Meadow. Then on Monday my first day in the office began. I was very nervous but that was really unnecessary as everyone was very friendly. Another intern, Sophie, showed me everything and introduced me to the other staff and the other interns. Here in East Meadow we are about 15 interns at the moment who are mostly staying 6 month here. It is great to have them here because you are never alone and you can eat or visit New York or other places in the USA together. As I am working in the HR (Human Resources) Department I also got several projects there. By working on them I learn a lot about the American working guidelines which are really different from the German ones. E.g. American Employees start with 15 days of holidays per year. I guess we can be really happy about our holidays in Germany ;)


Selfietime :)

Additionally the American winter is really really cold. Today we had minus 14 degrees and a very strong wind. You really do not want to stay outside. Everyone told me before that it would get really cold but I feel like I am experiencing a new dimension of coldness . And I even experienced my first snow storm here. Luckily it was not as bad as expected, but the office had to close for one day. There even exists a hotline you can call in the morning to know if the office is open.

Nevertheless I am looking forward to the weekend to make a sightseeing tour through New York City and to the next week to see what challenging and exciting exercises will wait for me I will update you soon. Best regards to Germany from the cold but beautiful New York!


Central Park

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