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Being a flight attendant on board of Eurowings is a real daily adventure which constantly makes you grow up not only professionally, but also personally. A lot of friends and relatives, even my parents sometimes ask a lot of questions about my job, which usually takes a couple of minutes to be properly answered. I gathered a couple of these questions and I decided to give to each of them an answer.



Question No.1
What motivated you to become a flight attendant?
In my short life I tried to work as a translator and as a teacher, even in schools, spending a lot of time with people. But back then, I realized I was not completely settled. I have always wanted to work with people and among people: working in an office, or in even in a school is actually not my thing. I have always needed boost in my life, making people feel comfortable and welcome in any kind of environment, thus being the reason somebody smiles today. So, the idea of becoming a flight attendant suddenly crossed my mind in a period of time when I was feeling lost and confused after moving to Vienna.

Question No.2
How does your average day of duty look like?
“Amazing” is my usual answer. I wake up in the morning and wonder how my day will be like, who am I going to meet and what kind of challenges am I facing. Then I see my uniform hanging and I feel like I will rock the day. I make myself ready, I go to the airport and I meet my crew for my flying day. We have briefing, during which we discuss today’s day, we head to our aircraft, do our checks together and get ready for welcoming our guests. During the flight we want to create a special atmosphere on board, to make all our guests feel at home. We prepare the service carts to be ready to join our guests in the cabin. At the end of each flight the crew’s aim is to receive a heartwarming “Thank you”.Shan3

Question No.3
Many people think that being a flight attendant is like being a glorified waiter. Is it true?
Not really. As a flight attendant you have several duties to complete, which do not only regard service. We all are well-trained to guarantee the safety and security of each guest on board our aircrafts. Sometimes our customers have special needs, as they might need to be reassured that everything is going to be ok; they might face sickness during the flight and they need to be assisted. We are there all the time for our passengers. Our mission is to let them reach their destination safely and to make them feel welcome at any time.


Question No.4
What would you recommend to future applicants?
Just be yourself. Guests love and appreciate spontaneity, warm smiles and welcoming words at any time. Have also a little bit of humor, be communicative and talkative, be nice and friendly to your colleagues because somehow they are going to be your closest friends.
Besides fulfilling the minimum requirements, a good quantity of resolution and determination is essential to be successful in this job; being fresh and individual are also perfect qualities to bring on board of Eurowings along with the passion you carry on each of your flying days.

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