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I remember when I took part at the recruiting day for Eurowings-Europe. It was a windy cold autumn day in Vienna. The airline was introducing itself as a new, innovative and dynamic start-up and I remember how strongly that sky-blue advertisement totally flashed my pupils in a peculiar moment of life in which I was looking for something new and inspiring: an adventure. “A job over the clouds”. It might sound strange and funny to hear, but for me it was not.  I was really hoping to get that job. That day turned to be my very first happiest day in Vienna since I moved here from Italy. Surprises are just around the corner: they look for you and when they find you, you only need to catch them, hold them tight and live them fully. Therefore I decided to live this surprise with my whole happiness.

Before being recruiteBlogShan2d, I had never considered the real chance of becoming a flight attendant. Relatives and friends were expecting to see me either working in an office, in front of a computer, translating all day, or in a school, as a teacher, bringing the light of knowledge in the brains of little kids or teenagers. Life perspectives change. Dreams change, as well as life goals. One thing I have certainly realized in my life, is that I do not want to be static. I need movement. I have no intention to restrict myself admiring the horizon, I do not want to have borders: I want to be part of the horizon.

A vast majority of people is not aware that each cabin crew member has to face a training before being able to welcome guests on board. The training consists in learning how to face different situations which might happen on board, such
as fully take care of people with special needs and requests and help them. It teaches us all how to face stress situations and problems on board, but also how to react and solve issues related to the security of our passengers.

In the last few days a lot of friends and relatives asked me how the training was going. “It’s hard, sometimes too theoretical, sometimes tiring, sometimes you need to learn too much” hBlog Shan1as always been my answer. And you see surprise in the faces of those.

What me and my crew have learned in the last weeks is that being a cabin attendant is a lot more than that. Behind welcoming thousands of guests everyday on board of our aircrafts, we learn how to assure our guests they are safe while flying with us. During our training we constantly keep in mind that for one, two, three, four or ten hours 170 guests approximately rely on us. We keep in mind that for the entire duration of the flight we are responsible that all these people we previously welcomed on board with our smiles and gave a sandwich along with a coffee and our kindness must arrive safe and sound at their destination. During our training we learn how to react promptly to emergency of any kind, to land in case of emergency and to evacuate an airbus in 90 seconds. But what we most importantly learn during our training hours is to get to know each other, to cooperate with each other in order to be a sensational, functional and successful team every day, on every flight, so that we can show our passion and dedication to our future guests on board.Blog Shan3

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