First of all: I am very very excited. About you, reading this article. About me, able to present our new concept for the ProTeam to you. And finally about everything we achieved in the last months and everything that is about to come.

But let me start at the beginning. When I started being responsible for the Lufthansa Group Trainee-Program, the ProTeam, I felt really honored. As it is part of Lufthansa since more than 15 years, it is quite known, not only within the company. The fact that the concept of ProTeam exists this long is definitely a proof of how successful and important the modul is for the group but might also be a hint that it needs some new ideas.


How we started to find a new profile for our ProTeamers…

As Lufthansa Group is running through a cultural change which is not yet completed by far we decided that we need people with new ideas, uncommon talents and unusual ways of working at Lufthansa Group. People who foster the diversity and social sustainability of our company and who might not think of Lufthansa Group as an ideal employer at first glance. But how can we find and attract those people? That was the challenge we worked on the last months and I am very proud on what we finally achieved.

Special people need a special Trainee-time we concluded: There won’t only be individual pro-jects anymore but also a group project where the whole ProTeam works together in the same department on the same project for two weeks. Also, the ProTeamers will get the chance to work abroad in a social business in India. Apart from that we want to make sure that the participants will not only help our company grow but can grow themselves as well by attending individual trainings and coaching workshops.


Productmanager Pro Team Annika Sänger

To make sure we really find the people we are looking for we also revised the application pro-cess. From now on, not (only) grades and a “perfect” CV count but creativity and the ability to think out of the box. If you want to prove that you are the one we are looking for, we can’t wait to see your innovative and surprising application!