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As the first ProTeam members of SWISS, we are very delighted to provide you an insight into our experiences within the context of our graduate management program. In the course of the 18 months program, we are going to be engaged in four different projects. Two of which will be with SWISS International Airlines, one will be at Lufthansa Group in Frankfurt and another one at a Lufthansa or SWISS destination abroad.

On our first day at SWISS we participated in interesting and fun welcome activities. The next day, we already flew to Frankfurt as Lufthansa invited us to the traditional ProTeam “Umlauf” month. Our colleagues at Lufthansa welcomed us very nicely and all together, we spent four exciting and highly interesting weeks at Lufthansa Group. We very much appreciated to have been fully integrated into the Lufthansa ProTeam community through our Umlauf month. For us SWISS ProTeam members it was particularly useful to get in touch with various people from different Lufthansa divisions and with many ProTeam Alumni. Most probably these contacts will not only be helpful for future project acquisitions but also for the daily business. Hence, the “Umlauf” in Frankfurt was a first real highlight of our time as ProTeam members.

Remo and Lukas in front of the recently ordered B777-300ER.

Remo and Lukas in front of the recently ordered B777-300ER.

In the following we will provide you a more detailed view of our particular projects at SWISS. Remo engaged in a project at SWISS WorldCargo while Lukas is currently working in the Revenue Management & Pricing division:


Hi, my name is Lukas and my first project led me to SWISS Revenue Management & Pricing in Zurich. It is a fairly large division consisting of around 90 employees structured according to the size of the relevant SWISS markets. In Revenue Management & Pricing, the complete network of SWISS and Edelweiss is being steered and priced. As a rookie in the airline industry, I am able to learn and make great progress as the daily business is generating revenue in our core business – operating aircrafts. Revenue Management (maximization) is vastly complex and involves many stakeholders simultaneously. This is where my Project comes in. The goal of my project is to set up a SWISS Playbook. In analogy to the Playbooks used in American Football, the LX Playbook is a strategy and communication tool. It aggregates relevant market information so that a market strategy can be derived and documented. The Playbooks will be used by the demand and pricing analysts who steer the flights as well as by the upper level management. I very much appreciate the independency and the many interfaces with different stakeholders such as with all the different SWISS markets, the partner airlines and multiple levels of management.


Hello, this is Remo and I am currently engaged in a highly interesting strategic project at SWISS WorldCargo located in Zurich near the international airport. As part of the project we are evaluating and designing the future organizational structure and processes to achieve an even higher customer orientation and to align SWISS WorldCargo in future even better to selected key customer industries.

A330-300 airfreight loading at Zurich international airport

A330-300 airfreight loading at Zurich international airport

Due to various project interfaces with not only internal but also external stakeholders I had the chance to get to know various people from different departments and to understand their different viewpoints. So far I had the opportunity to engage in various key tasks of the project ranging from project planning to leading workshops. In order to capture our major client’s perspectives, I also had the chance to travel not only in Switzerland but also abroad for direct client meetings. During a stage on the “Apron” I could directly follow Zurich airport’s operational logistics processes, while observing the cargo loading our aircrafts. So far it has been a real pleasure and a highly valuable experience to work in this project at SWISS and I am looking very much forward to the remaining weeks before I will be heading to the next project in Frankfurt at Lufthansa Passage.


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