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Doro and Adrian: We are glad to introduce ourselves to you as members of the new ProTeam generation 28. “We”, that means Adrian and Doro. Today we will share some insights in our daily work and the awesome life as ProTeamlers! Both of us started our first trainee project in the LH Passage and by pure chance got into two divisions which work together closely. So we get to see each other frequently – for instance in the morning team meeting for the Shape!-project, which is called “Check-in”. Adrian is looking more into the numbers, whereas Doro is concerned with legal matters and communication.

Adrian: As a matter of fact Doro is the most unique ProTeam member. Instead of being a “boring” business student she decided to be a lawyer. So let’s give her the opportunity to introduce herself:

Doro: Hi All, I am fortunate to be part of this group, because within the last year the decision was made to amend this ProTeam generation with legal profiles. It`s fantastic, that I can try to help creating a new tradition with a different focus on law experts within the project structure. Before I applied for Lufthansa I studied law in Passau and Münster. After finishing the first state exam I came to Frankfurt for the legal clerkship and then took the chance to manage an e-commerce startup company within the last year.

Doro @ Lufthansa

Doro @ Lufthansa

So I think now it’s Adrian’s turn:

Adrian: Hi Again! I hold a Master degree in Management with the majors finance and accounting from the Goethe University in Frankfurt. First of all, I want to express how happy I am to be part of the new ProTeam! I still remember screaming “Yeeesss!” through the whole University library when I got the phone call from HR. I really enjoy the time with my fellow ProTeam members and with the older generations as well.

I always liked the work on projects because the learning curve is very steep and it never gets boring. Within the ProTeam you are given the unique opportunity to work in the areas of your interest and choose from a large variety of different projects. For example my first project Shape! deals with restructuring the Passage, which is very similar to a strategy consulting project. I am responsible for handling the excel tool which depictures the future Lufthansa Passage organization. The excel tool is huge matrix organized by processes as well as projects, which are supposed to improve profitability. My second project will be in the finance department. I am highly interested in both topics. As you can see you really get the opportunity to collect valuable experiences in your favorite areas. In addition, you are invited to attend advanced training seminars to improve your weak spots.

Adrian @ Lufthansa

Adrian @ Lufthansa

So let’s see how Doro describes her work in the first project:

Doro: After the great “Umlauf” in April, I started my first project in a department for tariff policy and constitutional questions of the ground operation staff. Within this division I have the chance to get to know the collaboration between the company management and the joint work council, to take part in conferences and work on the respective legal themes. In its field of responsibilities the division is also involved in the project Shape! where Adrian works, so we share quite a lot of time together.

Doro and Adrian: We hope to have given you a few interesting insights and that you are enjoying the upcoming ProTeam posts! Cheers,


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