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in early September, Sophie and Dominic wrote about their new projects in Lisbon and Frankfurt. Also for us it was time to start into our next projects. Therefore, we want to give some insights into our new tasks and also tell you what we experienced in the final phases of our first projects.

As you remember, Julius and me worked at Lufthansa Cargo where I supported a team which is responsible for introducing new digital interfaces so that customers can book and track shipments etc. online. I had a good time in a young and highly dynamic team where I was responsible for developing a complex reporting system for measuring the success of the new digital processes. In the past four months, I had countless meetings with employees of various departments in order to get an overview of the today’s situation and the current processes at Lufthansa Cargo. I also had the chance to accompany a colleague to Amsterdam where we analyzed the cargo handling processes in one of our stations abroad. Towards the end of my project, I presented my findings to a large group of colleagues and managers and discussed the next steps with them – what I really liked about this project is that I had high degrees of freedom and was solely responsible for my project’s success.

In my second project, I wanted to learn more about the business of another airline in order to be able to compare what I saw at Lufthansa Cargo in Frankfurt with the way people work in other cargo companies. This is why I started a new project at Austrian Airlines in Vienna a few days ago. Here, Lufthansa Cargo manages the so-called belly capacities of the entire Austrian fleet, i.e. we sell cargo capacity of Austrian Airlines’s passenger aircraft. Vienna airport is a very attractive cargo hub for countless customers worldwide transporting goods to middle and Eastern Europe. We currently develop and implement innovative strategies for increasing the amount of shipments flown and trucked via Vienna. Already today – after a few days in the new project – I am impressed by the sheer amount of cities in Eastern Europe I had never heard before. So, I will not only get deeper insights into the cargo business but also learn a lot about supply chain management and global logistics and take a sales perspective which complements my experiences gained in the first project very well.

In the Austrian Airlines headquarter in Vienna

In the Austrian Airlines headquarter in Vienna


Just like Erik I finished my last project at the end of August. The last four months at Lufthansa Cargo within the Process2020 project team were very fulfilling, interesting and sometimes also a little tough.  As mentioned within our last blog, the project reviewed how Lufthansa Cargo currently performs its business on a process level and what should be changed in order to remain competitive in future. But what exactly were my tasks? At the start of my assignment, my main task was to develop an internal communication and stakeholder management strategy together with a colleague. However, as the project moved on and the second half of the design-phase came up, my focus shifted towards the planning of the following project phase, which started in September. Here, I was responsible for setting up an implementation roadmap of the upcoming measures for the next two years and providing a solid resource planning and financial calculation. This was indeed very interesting as it was closely linked to the preparation of a set of Lufthansa Cargo board presentations. This gave me the opportunity to get a better understanding of the development of major management decisions. However, what I liked most about this project was the fact that I had the chance to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of the core processes within the Lufthansa Cargo.

Julius during his first week: Maintenance of the Inflight Entertainment

Julius during his first week: Maintenance of the Inflight Entertainment

After a two week holiday I just moved to my next project at Lufthansa Technik in Frankfurt within the department “Aircraft Cabin Interior & Inflight Entertainment”. Until the end of the year I will spend my time with the colleagues that are responsible for the Inflight Entertainment (IFE) troubleshooting and maintenance. They are also in charge of changing the monthly entertainment content on the long haul aircrafts based in Frankfurt. As you already might have noticed, this assignment will be far closer connected to the operations compared to my first one. The IFE-Team is going to set up a new Lean project with the name LOS!@IFE 2.0 in order to improve the planning and steering process of the maintenance procedures. Within this new project I will be responsible for the project management office. In order to get a clear understanding of the tasks, responsibilities and difficulties of the IFE-Team I had the great opportunity to join the team during their daily maintenance routine at the aircrafts during the last two weeks. Hence, this project will give me a new, different insight into the Lufthansa World and widens my understanding for all the necessary tasks to provide our customers a safe and “entertaining” journey.

We hope you enjoyed our short update on our previous projects as well as the introduction to our new assignments in Vienna and at Lufthansa Technik. The upcoming weeks will surely be a great experience for both of us and we look forward to sharing our new impressions with you next year.



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