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After four exciting months in our first individual project, we were reunited as a team. Leaving the office and jumping right into the hectic daily routine of our Lufthansa colleagues at the Frankfurt airport. For one week, we had the chance to join them and gain great insights into their work at the check-in, gate, ticketing, the aircraft handling, the baggage claim and the baggage tracing – also known as ‘the front’.

It was an amazing experience to witness the entire customer journey, from the first step into the airport until the plane leaves the ramp.

At the gate we were especially impressed about the speed of interactions between the gate service personnel and the ground personnel at the ramp. The service personnel was in constant contact with the ramp agent, checking whether luggage matches passengers, keeping track on who has arrived and who is still missing, and dealing with special requests such as wheelchairs or animals on board.

The day before, we were luckily all allowed to take part in the ramp agent’s daily work – the aircraft handling. So we were already a little bit familiar with the different roles and tasks dealing with the preparation of an airplane.

Next stop was the ticketing; an area that handles all rebooking requests but also any other customer question that you could possibly think of. From “I lost my wife, can you help me find her. I have both passports and our flight leaves in 15min” to simply “I forgot that I need a Visa to travel within the Schengen area”.

Another fascinating area was the baggage claim / luggage rollercoaster that makes sure that the luggage arrives at the correct airplane. At the baggage claim, some of us even had the chance to be part of a customs’ luggage examination. It was interesting to see the dog sniffing around and checking the bags for any suspicious material. After that, we went to the baggage tracing where we were invited to go down into the catacombs of the lost & found department. Unbelievable how many suitcases, strollers, hover-boards, yoga mattresses and other peculiar things we could find there! But thanks to the World Tracer database (a database that matches the luggage content with the described missing content given by the customer) many of these objects eventually arrive safely at the owners’ place.

All in all it was an amazing experience, because understanding and catering to the passengers’ needs will always be at the core of our daily business routine. Something we will keep in our minds for all we will do hereafter.

With love,

Aurélie & ProTeam

Nicole and Aurélie!

Nicole and Aurélie!

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