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There are literally dozens of trainee programs for master graduates being offered by the world’s leading companies in all industries. Throughout this week and beyond, over the course of the next 12-14 months, we would like to give you insights into the ProTeam program. We will share some of the reasons for having applied for this program, tell you why we think that it is not just another trainee program and of course give you an overview of our daily life at Lufthansa.

ProTeam Generation 28 – Who we are

On April 2, 2013, our journey at Lufthansa started with the official kick-off to the program. It was that day when we – Adrian, Dominic, Dorothea, Erik, Julius, Lukas, Remo and Sophie – met for the first time at the Lufthansa Aviation Center in Frankfurt to discover that although we all bring in completely different backgrounds and experiences, we share one common passion: Aviation. And throughout the program we will have plenty of opportunities to live and share it, mainly during our four projects which will last 3-4 months each. Additionally, there are several other opportunities to further develop our skills and knowledge which we will present to you over time, starting with the introduction month below.



ProTeam Generation 28 in the A380 hangar


Our introduction to the Lufthansa Group

The first four weeks of the ProTeam program (“Konzernumlauf”) underlined what we were all hoping for: Lufthansa is more than just an Airline. We were provided unique and highly diversified insights into the Lufthansa Group. Every week was dedicated to one or two business divisions and consisted of a rich mixture of presentations, excursions, interactive parts and informal get-togethers in the evenings.

After a warm welcome by members of the previous ProTeam generation who organized the first few weeks for us, we officially started into the program. Following some general introduction activities, the second part of the first week was dedicated to a team building workshop in Seeheim where the Lufthansa School of Business is located.

After this general introduction, the second week focused on Lufthansa Passage and Lufthansa Flight Training. For most of us, flying an airplane (at least a simulated one) was a completely new experience resulting in the perception that – in contrast to several urban legends – it is impossible to land an airplane without substantial training. The week ended in Munich where we were taken on a guided airport tour, got to know our second hub beside Frankfurt as well as the people behind.

The third week brought us to Lufthansa Cargo in Frankfurt and Lufthansa Technik both in Frankfurt and Hamburg. Did you know about Lufthansa’s VIP solutions for example? Most of us did not (at least not in detail) and so, we were very impressed by the professionalism, flexibility and innovativeness of our colleagues in Hamburg who turn airplanes into luxury apartments with several 100 m² of living space. Impressive!

In the fourth and last week of our introduction, we got to know Lufthansa Consulting and the complex logistics (and the delicious food ;)) at LSG Sky Chefs. Our introduction ended with several presentations given by Lufthansa executives who took their time for questions and detailed discussions about current trends in aviation and the group’s future strategy.


Team building in Seeheim

Team building in Seeheim

The ProTeam community and the transition into project work

It’s good to be part of a large community sharing similar experiences and interests – that’s something we felt throughout the entire Umlauf when we had countless opportunities to have barbecue, dinner or parties with members of former ProTeam generations. Especially the official Welcome Evening was a great platform for us to introduce ourselves to all the former “ProTeamlers” from generation 1 to generation 27 in a relaxed and informal way. Every generation has a different concept for introducing its members – so, we are looking forward to generation 29’s performance already today ;)

Where we all ended up for our first project? We will tell you during the upcoming days. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us whenever you have questions regarding the ProTeam program. We are looking forward to keeping you informed about our latest experiences in the upcoming months.




Below you will find some more impressions:

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