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Singapore, Cape Town, Frankfurt, New York and Atlanta; these are five cities in four different time zones on four continents halfway around the world. As you can imagine, early 2014 is special for our ProTeam generation as we are spread over several continents in our current projects. On the one hand, this makes it very difficult to arrange phone conferences bringing all of us together; on the other hand, however, we gain great insights into the way, Lufthansa works outside its headquarter in many different cultures.


After having spent three interesting months in Vienna, I returned to Frankfurt in late 2013. My stay in Austria’s beautiful capital was intense but full of valuable experiences. In the end, we managed to develop and implement strategies for strengthening the hub and to increase its attractiveness for customers especially in Eastern European countries.

In my current project which started in the first week of January, I support the Lufthansa Passage’s Frankfurt Hub organization. We are responsible for taking care of and supporting our passengers at check-in, in our lounges and at the gates. Furthermore, our department manages all ground-related aircraft processes such as fueling, catering, push-back etc. Thus, I am highly involved into Lufthansa’s daily operations both at the desk (when watching the planes taxying by my window) and “in the field” when getting a better understanding of the manifold tasks our colleagues at check-in, gate and “under the wing” have to accomplish every day. The goal of my current project consists in streamlining the aforementioned processes and to identify and resolve weaknesses in order to realize an even higher customer satisfaction and – among others – a better punctuality of flights departing from FRA.

Apart from this, I recently had the chance to experience the consequences of a security staff strike at Frankfurt Airport which resulted in thousands of passengers being “trapped” in FRA. In situations like this, a complex emergency plan is activated in order to provide food and drinks to the passengers and – as in my case – to inform them about the opportunities they have to reach their final destinations.

Great office view in FRA

Great office view in FRA


While Erik was abroad during his last project, this great part of our programme has started for me in January. During the last weeks of my project at Lufthansa Technik I decided that it would be a good idea to experience the Cargo world outside the home base in Frankfurt, as it would give me the chance to get a better understanding of the challenges and problems that my colleagues face in the areas on a daily basis.  After reviewing different options, I choose Atlanta, USA, to be my next destination during my ProTeam journey. Here I joined the area management team “The Americas”. Besides all the new work impressions I believe, that I will also substantially profit by living in a different country and culture once again.

I think the major difference between working “in the area”, as we call it, compared to the headquarter is the fact that a single person has to perform so many different tasks for which there are separate departments in the headquarter. Hence, the type of work you do is characterized by a high degree of variety. My own tasks are connected to SCORE once again. The area management here in ATL (Atlanta) has a challenging SCORE target for 2014 and therefore there is quite a focus to develop ideas and get them implemented to improve our business. It is my responsibility to further develop existing ideas and to come up with new ones. This sounds easier than it actually is, but I am sure, that I will get there by the end of my project.

Unfortunately, half of my time here in Atlanta is already gone, but looking at it from a positive perspective, I have another two months in this incredible city, which I experienced in an unusual way so far: At least that is what I am told – from minus 5°C and snow (this is not common at all) to 20°C within 3 days. I look forward to the upcoming challenges in Atlanta and during my next project, whatever it is going to be.


Atlanta "drowning" in snow

Atlanta “drowning” in snow

Hopefully, you enjoyed our short update on our current projects and experiences.

Best regards from across the world


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