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Like Dominic and Sophie, we, Julius and me (Erik), started our first projects on May 1, however we are assigned to the Lufthansa Cargo AG. This fits very well as both of us have a logistics background which we acquired during our studies and various internships. Julius studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Karlsruhe and Durban (South Africa), whereas I studied Business Informatics at the University of Mannheim and the Texas Tech University. Fortunately, we had the chance to get to know Lufthansa Cargo’s mentality and business during our internships at Jettainer and Lufthansa Cargo in Milan. Therefore, we knew what we get ourselves into when joining the ProTeam.

Erik (l.) and Julius (r.) in the Innovation Cargo Hub, Frankfurt

Interestingly, Lufthansa Cargo as one of the leading cargo airlines worldwide does not only transport standard shipments in passenger aircraft and 18 Lufthansa Cargo-owned MD-11, but also highly “exceptional” goods ranging from hippos over Bentleys to containers packed with tons of money.

For us, it’s perfect to be with Lufthansa Cargo in 2013 and beyond as the company and the logistics industry in general currently act in a very complex environment: For example, our customers want even faster shipping of goods, but at the same time, fuel prices increase constantly. This results in several huge strategic projects such as the construction of a modern logistics center in Frankfurt or the acquisition of a new type of aircraft (Boeing 777F).

Hence, the variety of topics and projects is extraordinarily high at the moment and offers great opportunities and insights for Julius and me as we are free to pick those projects we are most interested in.

We choose two major, but very different projects at Lufthansa Cargo. I work in a program focusing on the digitization, optimization and automation of the entire air cargo supply chain. Did you know for instance, that all documents that are needed for shipping air freight could fill 80 Boeing 747-400 worldwide each year? Within this program, I develop a concept, which allows the program management office to reliably and thoroughly track the program’s success. As the program affects many different departments, I have several weekly meetings and discussions. In addition, I also have the opportunity to present my concepts regularly.

Julius’ project designs a more efficient and effective Business Process Management. But what does this mean? They simply review how Lufthansa Cargo currently performs its business on a process level and what should be changed in order to remain competitive in future.  One of the very interesting things about his project is that the project team consists of LH employees as well as external consultants. This gives him a great opportunity to experience different working styles. Furthermore, from my point of view, he spends “most of his time” in Seeheim (Lufthansa Training & Conference center) at –what he calls – “team-conferences”.

In addition to our daily business we also have the chance to support the operational departments. Early Wednesday two weeks ago, for example, I helped our colleagues in the Animal Lounge to consolidate shipments which was really “sweaty” but a very valuable experience. It feels like I have moved tons of fish this morning ;)

Enjoy the summer – our next blog entry will follow in early fall.


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