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The most fascinating gift of this journey, is understanding the inner and outer parts of the world of the air industry.

Imagine starting to understand the airline industry from bottom to top and vice versa; in a quick glance you become aware of everything that happens in a single journey. Lots of people are involved and there are a zillion things to take care of. Plus, the more you explore, the more you know there is even more to discover. Going out and exploring this unknown world is hard to all of us, but as a ProTeam we get lots of support, coaching and helpful trainings along our journey.

Our first weeks were incredibly exciting but also quite overwhelming, considering that most of us were complete newbies to the flying business. Luckily it all started with a little two-day aviation crash course to better understand the complexity of the industry – and mostly to prepare us for the upcoming events; but this was just the crash course – the aviation industry expert sessions were still to come!

Our first steps.

Our first steps.

But theory is not everything, right?! So, we packed our bags and had our first & official duty travel to LH Technik in Hamburg! With a warm “Moin” we were greeted and taken on a tour through the LH Technik world. Walking through a hangar filled with VIP jets, browsing through the maintenance, overhaul and repair facilities, while learning about the newest innovation endeavors of LH Technik, was simply wonderful. The day continued with top management speakers from VIP Executive Jet Solutions, Fuel Management, Logistic Services, Product Innovation and it ended at the Reeperbahn, of course – Hamburg meine Perle!

We only got back to Frankfurt to learn that we were going on another duty travel, this time visiting Swiss, in Zurich – Grüetzi, ProTeam!

Leaving FRA at 6h30 in the morning, we had a long but very interesting day ahead of us. Again, this included some high class aviation expert talks from Sales, Commercial and Corporate Strategy, Employer Branding and Swiss World Cargo. Our Swiss visit also included an airport tour, something we were all looking forward to. Next to the Senator lounges, we were pretty impressed by the luggage catacombs of Zurich airport. It seemed like we were standing in the middle of a roller-coaster area with suitcases speeding through the room in little boxes.

Back in Frankfurt, we all realized – The Swiss is a world of its own and at the same time it is amazing to have such an airline within the Lufthansa Group!

Grüetzi from Zürich!

Grüetzi from Zürich!

Being in Hamburg and in Zurich for a couple of days was not only super insightful but also a unique opportunity to get to know us, as a team. This last, we were able to build upon during our time at the Lufthansa Training and Conference Center in Seeheim-Jugenheim, where we had many team building and coaching sessions. Apart, we had a training with our friend Rasmus, a ProTeamer from Generation29 who flew half the world from Singapore to Frankfurt to teach us about human design-thinking. To finish we had a visual-facilitator training to help us communicate in a more efficient way.

Lufthansa’s family is a dynamic one, more of a fusion of worlds. Each with its own particularities and specialties, yet all related to the airplane. Lufthansa Cargo is one of those special worlds. Cargo is a messy business: no product is the same and they all arrive on a different time. This demands smooth operations and very specific handlings. We have never seen such big cooling installations, each with their own temperature regulation to meet the needs of our customer’s goods. Also the loading of an empty air freighter was as an impressive sight, unmatched in other parts of Lufthansa.

Exploring the Boeing 777 Freighter!

Exploring the Boeing 777 Freighter!

Totally different, is the wondrous world of airline caterer LSG-Sky Chefs – another amazing stop we had in our first weeks. After wearing some funny, sterile clothes, a team of super enthusiastic trainees showed us around in a world totally different from what we saw before. Basically it was the world in a small place. Food from all over the world, prepared by chefs from all over the world, was processed in these huge halls. The logistics to get all this food prepared and into the plane on time is impressive. We never saw such huge dishwashers, or vacuum cleaners for that matter.

Then of course there is the wondrous world of flying itself. On a special pre-premiere, we were friendly invited by Carsten Spohr to watch ‘Living in the age of airplanes’. It is incredible how the world is within our grasp, thanks to those funny metal things with wings. We guess Lufthansa Cargo’s CEO Peter Gerber, was right when he explained us that the airline business is quite a romantic business.

To sum it up, we can only say that our friends from Lufthansa prepared us a life-changing experience, we’re very thankful and enjoying and learning to the max! This all deserves a poem which sums up our first five weeks:

Never would I have guessed,
how much we could see,
The view, I’m impressed,
Now try, window-seat.

From Frankfurt to Zurich,
make friends with the Swiss,
From Frankfurt to Hamburg,
we’re sure loving this.

There’s Cargo and there’s Technik,
there are Services too,
It’s not always airplanes,
but yellow and blue.

We are learning, we are growing,
we’re just taking off,
Not easy, rough-going,
but it will pay-off.

They ask me, they tell me
We’re living the dream,
you could too, just listen,
This is the ProTeam!



ProTeam Gen. 30

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