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What do you think we really love to do in our weekends when we are in Seeheim? If you said travelling you’re completely right!

Friday means bag packed, ticket issued and name in the bus list to go the airport. We are ready to leave after the class!

Prague, Milan, Budapest, Porto, Barcelona, Hamburg, Paris, Amsterdam, Strasbourg, Tel Aviv, Lisbon… These are some of destinations visited by IAPs over this one year.

Yes we do love travel!

všechno nejlepší k narozeninám – Happy Birthday!

If you think German is hard, try Czech!

If you think German is hard, try Czech!

Prague was the first IAP trip. Five of us landed there in a cloudy and cold Friday afternoon.

We saw from weddings in the Old Town Hall to torture instruments in The Prague Castle, going through Charles Bridge, Mala Strana Bridge Towers, St. Vitus Cathedral, boat tours on the Vltava River.

Daniel's Birthday

Daniel’s Birthday in a typical Czech restaurant

My tip: You must try české trdlo it’s a sort of cinnamon-roll dough wrapped that you can find in food fairs or near all touristic attractions. Yummy!

Non so dove mi trovo – I don’t know where I am!

Piazza Duomo

Piazza Duomo

The trip to Milan was a kind of surprise. We planned during all the week to go to Lisbon, until we had the great news about strikes in Portugal…

We had to change our destination, but where? As it was summer all the flights were really packed. We tried our luck choosing Milan and it worked!

Sightseeing and nightlife are amazing! The food is an affront to any diet: pizzas, paninis, cappuccinos, ice creams, tiramisu, pasta…

The only thing I have to advice you is be aware that sometimes English doesn’t help as much as you need! On Saturday night in the way back to the hostel we got lost. All the bus drivers couldn’t speak English so I had to improvise something between Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. Surprisingly we made it! The driver was very kind teaching me carefully the way and after almost one hour and a half lost we arrived safely at the hostel!

My tip:  Tiramisu ice cream

The best ice cream ever!

The best ice cream ever!

Thanks for tuning this week :)

I hope you enjoyed reading about the life of an IAP as much as I enjoyed writing about it! Till the next!



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