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Hello, Guten Tag! My name’s Emily, and I’m an International Airline Professional (IAP) based in Toronto, Canada. This week I’ll be writing about a special project that I worked on during my marketing assignment – I hope you enjoy it!

Welcome, Willkommen, Bienvenue à Toronto!

It’s June 19th, and at 4:06 pm, an email pops into my inbox.  It’s from my marketing manager – what do I think of the proposal she’s forwarded me?

As I read, my eyebrows inch toward my hairline. A world-renowned company – let’s call them “Company X” – is taking an old, restored airplane on a tour through North America, stopping at airports for cocktails, dinner, and sightseeing flights with some of their top customers. Would Lufthansa be interested in sponsoring any of these stops, including the one in Toronto?

The very old airplane.

My initial reaction: heck yes!

Company X’s brand is a great fit with Lufthansa, and this would be a very unique event. The main challenge would be the timeline; if we accept the proposal, we’ll have to work quickly to pull everything together. Still, this event is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I think Lufthansa should be involved. Fortunately, my manager agrees. She goes one step further though, casually suggesting that this sponsorship might be a good project for me to lead – under her close supervision, of course.

I freeze. Momentary panic grips me as I envision a million different ways to screw this up. I don’t have any experience in event planning!

Taking a deep breath, I force myself to think rationally. This is a golden opportunity to showcase my abilities, and learn a lot in the process. I may not have the background, but I do have the raw skills.  I know I can handle it. So despite the lingering dregs of nervousness, I smile brightly.

“Sure!  That sounds great!”

Little do I know what I’m getting myself into…

Please, step into my office.

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