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I was born in Peru, my mother is Columbian and my father German. After having finished school in Argentina and my business administration studies in Mannheim, Germany I started the ProTeam Traineeprogramme at Lufthansa Cargo. During the program I had the opportunity to be part of different projects. One of them was in Milan, Italy which gave me the opportunity to learn how cargo business is done in the field organization besides meeting lots of great colleagues from our team in Italy.

My first jobs within Lufthansa Cargo were within the product management and product development as well as marketing and sales. I enjoyed it a lot to work close to the customer. Due to my passion for HR topics I moved after 10 years of business experience to the Lufthansa corporate functions to the Lufthansa School of Business, being responsible for management trainings. Here I had the opportunity to learn a lot about HR in general and specifically about HR development. After 5 years I was appointed Director HR development, sourcing and management for Lufthansa Cargo. This is now my dream job as I can combine lots of innovative, business oriented HR topics with my strong feeling of belonging to Lufthansa Cargo and its people.

So, what do we do within HR development and sourcing? What programmes do we offer for young talents? This is very diverse and always developed along the needs of the company, the worldwide demographic developments and the needs of actual and future talents. We offer different ways to join Lufthansa Cargo, e.g. our “International Aviation Programme” (IAP) a programme for young graduates outside Germany, the “ProTeam” for mainly business administration and engineering graduates interested in strategic and corporate functions, the “Join our Practice Program” (JOPP) that we are going to start as of 2015 for graduates from social and natural sciences and the “StartCargo Traineeprogramme” for graduates with engineering, logistical and business administration background interested in our core processes. We are more than proud that our StartCargo Programme has just been awarded from Absolventa as being a career fostering and fair trainee programme.

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StartCargo has been awarded as a career fostering and fair trainee programme

All programs are very much oriented on learning on the job, networking within the company, project based tasks and getting as much insights into our business processes, our customer and our people as possible. They are all balanced between practice and off the job trainings.

Once our young professionals are within Lufthansa Cargo and have finished their programmes there are again a great variety of development programmes that support the further career. This is very much based on individual needs, performance, potential that we see and the preferences of each individual. We have mentoring programmes, development programmes for high potentails, shadowings, short term assignments, exchanges between head-office and the field organization, off the job trainings offered by Lufthansa Cargo and others we offer with training partners like change management, leadership or conflict management trainings, just to mention a few. Moreover we offer networking activities, speed datings to meet the top management, and and and. Some of these programmes will be described by colleagues that have been part of these programmes during the blog this week.

We have a very sophisticated process to identify our talents only a few years after they started and than we have a very individual approach where superior, HR development and the employee define together the future development path and measures.

Karin Klatt Interview 2014

Always in contact with the people around us

From my point of view it is really fantastic to see how we can support people in their individual growth and how fruitful the results are. Looking forward also to seeing you within Lufthansa Cargo in the near future if you are not already part of the Lufthansa Cargo family ;-)


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