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Hello everyone,

As it is my first blog on the Be-Lufthansa career blog, I would like to introduce myself first. I am Sonja, an International Business and Management student from Germany and currently doing my Internship at Lufthansa Cargo in London. During my Internship I will mainly support the Sales and Marketing department. I have been assigned to a variety of daily, weekly and monthly tasks, which will make my time here at Lufthansa Cargo very diversified. I have been at the office for almost 3 months already, and the colleagues were very welcoming from the beginning on, making you feel at home. It was very important to me, that as an Intern I do not only get assigned to easy tasks such as cleaning up files but to be given responsibility, in order to put the theory learned at university into practise.

I am currently involved in planning an event for our key customers: the very popular Oktoberfest near the Heathrow airport. My tasks include writing and designing the invitation for the customers, keeping the guest list up-to-date, and therefore being in close contacts with our customers, as well as to support the Regional Marketing Manager whenever help is needed.
As I am also supporting the sales department, one of my daily tasks is to prepare an office presentation for the sales staff in our main open office. I retrieve current figures from certain databases every morning and compare those with our target and budget data. This data includes for example cargo tonnage booked and the revenue made.

I really enjoy working at Lufthansa Cargo in London, and to do my placement abroad in London has been a great experience so far. London is a beautiful city and there is a lot to discover, which is why I mainly spend my weekends in central London. Even though the weather has been typically English throughout the summer (rain, rain and more rain), there is always something to do and explore in London without relying on the weather (my favourite so far was the Magnum Pop-up pleasure store—hmmm!!).

London Tower Bridge

Although there is a lot of work to do during the week, I would not miss the opportunity to go to a Pub with my colleagues after work to enjoy a nice roast dinner and drink :). My colleagues have made me feel as part of the team since day one, which made the start, in a different country, away from home, much easier than expected.

What I was mostly afraid of was the flat/house hunt. But Lufthansa Cargo made sure, that the previous Intern supported me during my flat hunt and provided me with useful information about what websites to look at. I was surprised how many different websites and Facebook groups exist, which made my hunt much easier than expected. Even though I was not in London myself when I started looking for a place to stay during my 6-month internship, it was possible to do a Skype viewing. People here in the UK are very flexible and helpful.

After a week of intense flat hunt, I finally found a place close to the office and that was affordable. All of my roommates are from the UK, which really benefits my language skills as I can improve my English language skills even further outside of work.

The Internship has definitely helped me stepping out of my comfort zone already and I hope that the following months will be just as exciting. Dare to step out of your comfort zone and I guarantee you, you will not regret it!

Cheers for reading and stay tuned! :)

The new cooperation between ANA and Cargo has been a big event for our office.

The new cooperation between ANA and Cargo has been a big event for our office.


777 Freighter in Manchester

777 Freighter in Manchester

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