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Ever since, I was fascinated about the world of flying, which is why I decided to apply for an internship in Marketing, here, at Lufthansa Cargo. At this point, I am working in my sixth week and experienced quite a few insights that you normally would not be able to have.

Already on my second day we received the opportunity to make a tour through the halls of Lufthansa Technique with other interns from the department. Next to meeting the 10 days old Boeing 747-800, we were also able to visit an Airbus A340-300.

Sitting in the first class seat, lying in the crew bed and being behind the “wheel” in the cockpit were one of the highlights of the tour. Of course a visit in the cargo cabin was inevitable. Afterwards we were sure, that was not the last tour here at Lufthansa.


Tour through Lufthansa Technique


Our to-do list is getting longer and longer and includes tours through the Animal Lounge and the Lufthansa Cargo Center.  The Animal Lounge was set up for the Lufthansa Cargo service “Live/td”. The service enables customers to ship animals via air freight providing an optimized all around service. The customer drops the animal off at the “Animal Lounge” within the airport, where specialized employees take care of the animals until the takeoff. In theory the whole offer sounds already very interesting but it will be even more interesting to receive a guided tour through the lounge.

Animal Lounge

Animal Lounge


During my internship in the Marketing department I am able to receive diverse inputs from all over the world. My tasks vary from supporting certain communciation activities, creating the internal Area Newsletter to event planning. For instance, I am responsible for the organization of the upcoming Marketing Workshop in Vienna, and luckily, I am able to participate in the workshop as well. My responsbilities include organizing the dinner in Vienna for approximately 40 participants, taking care of the various transportations, the meeting rooms, the catering during the workshop as well as the hotel booking and providing promotional material. Another just completed project was the creation of the internal Area Newsletter: collecting and editing the various inputs from the whole area Europe and Africa, was a very interesting task to do. Articles included for example the roll in of the new aircraft of Lufthansa Cargo, the 777F, in Nairobi. For the event Maasai morans and children from the Mother of Mercy Home were also on show to add a touch of local culture and tradition to the occasion (see the picture). Especially, after finishing the Newsletter, it was a very good feeling to spread the self-made letter to the colleagues.

Roll In - Nairobi

Roll In -Nairobi


Even though I am not experiencing another country’s culture, I am for sure experiencing the Lufthansa Cargo spirit. For me the Cargo spirit means: people are more than willing to help you in any circumstances, they enjoy their work and share their experiences. Furthermore, every morning I can experience the whole airport from various angles as the personal bus to Cargo City South, passes by the runway. Seeing Airbusses taking off and landing fascinates me -even after six weeks- every day.


My work place

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