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Since I have started working for Eurowings Europe my life has changed. Before considering working as a flight attendant, I used to see life from the surface. Now I see life from the other perspective. Working as a flight attendant is an incredible everyday experience. It is not an ordinary job. You do not get to see the same people every day, you do not get to work with the same colleagues as well.



A career over the clouds is something magical that makes you realizes how beautiful the nature is. When you wake up at 3am, you get to see the sunrise directly from the aircraft. And when the day comes to its end the spectacular sunsets over Europe flash your eyes and fill up your heart of beauty and positivity.

If you feel you want to personally live all this, I think you should apply. This job is the best in the world. Greeting, welcoming, taking care of new passengers every day, letting them have a pleasant flight on their way home, to business or holiday, maybe having the chance to meet them again after a while: making people happy and smiling should be your every day mission. Eurowings Europe is looking for new cabin attendants and senior cabin attendants for its three European bases: Vienna, Salzburg and Palma de Mallorca. Working for a start-up airline will give you the chance to develop yourself in a fresh and constantly growing airlines. Except the challenge and you will experience a complete different lifestyle.

Shanel Talarico

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