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Hi there,

my name is Steffen and for days I’d been looking for a particular item. I found it yesterday evening quite far down in a box. And I could not believe it when I then held it in my hand. But I will come back to this point later.
I work for Lufthansa in the field of Talent Management and there I’m responsible for young talents. This includes many programs for students and graduates including the ProTeam program. Annika – you got to know her yesterday – is in my team and she has been working on the adjustment of the program for months.
But what is perhaps even more interesting: I am a ProTeamer myself.
In 2008 I started at Lufthansa with the trainee program and as you can see, I’m still here. Since that October in 2008, it’s really never become boring. And by that I mean not only the program itself. Sure, the so called “Konzernumlauf” in the first week, where you get to know the Lufthansa Group in all details, stays in my memory. One of the highlights here: our team building (as Annika already mentioned, Lufthansa is looking for uniqueness, but not for egoists). Here are some pictures of our rafting trip where we had to build the boat ourselves as part of the team building activities.

Hi there - ProTeam

Team building activities

Steffen Ball

Team building activities


After building our boat…

Some months later, in Oslo, I fiddled about with a product for Lufthansa Cargo, that is very important for the oil and gas industry: urgent spare parts. We knew that in this industry much business is done by courier. However, we did not know why. So over three months I talked to relevant Norwegians from the forwarding industry in order to understand how the business operate and think. The result of my work in Norway was then a concept for a new cargo-product in the classic PowerPoint format, presented to top management. Then nothing at all happened for months. And this is also a typical experience one will have from time to time when working in a huge enterprise like Lufthansa. But in the end, every customer of Lufthansa Cargo can now order the product “Emergency. Solutions”. And for myself, I personally remember the meeting at Grieg Logistics in Bergen with a perfect view on Bryggen (see photo attached) where, together with the client, I developed the first designs of the product. And also remember the guy with the guitar on the boat in the harbour of Bergen :-)


Grieg Logistics in Bergen


Harbour of Bergen

Harbour of Bergen

There are many more stories that I can tell from my time as a Pro Team trainee… Just mention these issues when we see each other next time, for example when you have started your program in Frankfurt or when we see each other in our training centre in Seeheim.

Much of your ProTeam training will be held there and as many conferences and workshops also take place in this nice facility, we will definitely run into each other, sooner or later. And to make sure this will happen, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your application and for the next things to come.If your application is surprising and impressive, then we will get the chance to shape the future at Lufthansa.



P.S: I forgot to explain the thing with the box. As you can see on the ProTeam microsite, the carbine symbolizes the team of trainees.

When Annika came back from a meeting with our advertising agency in London she showed me the first design drafts for the web pages. My first question was: ‘How did you come up with the idea using the carabiner as a picture?’ Simple answer from Annika: ‘By brainstorming with the agency.’ But I knew exactly where I had seen the object before. Namely, when I joined the program, at the team building session. Each of us got one – with engraved names – to build a boat with. On the photo above you can see the carabiner and ropes. And here fresh from my mobile phone the result of my search. My own ProTeam carabiner from six years ago. Without my help and without anyone knowing this fact, the carabiner has sneaked into the new campaign. Like!



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