Hi everyone,

As this is my first blog entry, I will shortly introduce myself  :)

My name is Yovana Krüger and I am currently stationed in Mexico as Process Support for Sales and Handling. Mexico is a very interesting station; we have both Passenger and Freighter flights directly from Mexico to Frankfurt and passenger flights from Mexico to Munich. Our freighter makes a stop in Dallas before heading to Frankfurt which makes everything a little more challenging due to the fact that we have to consider the US custom regulations. Moreover, in Mexico Lufthansa Cargo has its own Warehouse, this warehouse is inside of Mexican customs which makes the whole process a lot more complex because of local regulations.

Well now… what I do is very interesting since I am responsible for the improvement of quality and processes in sales and handling. It is challenging because in my perspective there is always room for improvement and when you come out with ideas that ease the workflow and also have an impact on your station KPI’s it is very comforting to see that you had to do a little bit with this change. I really think that it is all about proper communication with the team whom you have to talk about changing something and if you make them understand that this change is for better, then your team will manage to make it leaner and better for everyone.

Yovana K

Mexico as you may all know is a warm country, not only in weather but the people make you feel very welcome at all times.  :)

Mexico in comparison to Germany has a small warehouse with not so many flights per day, but our daily operation is very important because of so many strong and emerging markets in Mexico, for example the automotive industry. Currently a lot of big car manufacturers have huge investments in Mexico going on to build their plants and increase their car production. Today Mexico has free trade agreements with 44 countries, making it an ideal export base for automakers.

For example, Audi is midway through construction of a $1.3 billion factory that will build luxury SUVs in Mexico starting in 2016. Currently the world’s eighth-largest auto producer, Mexico is on pace to surpass Brazil this year. By 2020 Mexico should be number six behind China, the U.S., Japan, India and Germany, with an annual production of 4.7 million vehicles.
Lufthansa Cargo Mexico ships many automobiles on its MD-11F to Europe.
Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Mazda are the right now 3 mainly car manufacturers that send their cars with us. This includes The New Beetle, Jetta and Golf, including also proto-type cars. Volkswagen prefers to shipping their cars secure and on time with Lufthansa Cargo.  ;)

We had one time a very special car in our Warehouse…


This amazing car flew with Lufthansa Cargo from Mexico to Berlin for a special Huichol Exposition. Not only this crafts-manship was astonishing to see and know that we delivered it on time in Berlin, but the importance of sending it since Mexico is a key for the automobile industry, in particular for Volkswagen.

VOCHOL — 100% Mexican craftsmanship!

Meet Mr. Vochol, a 1990 Volkswagen Beetle entirely covered with seed glass beads of all colors.


Where does the name VOCHOL come from?
The name Vochol comes from combining the words “Vocho,” a nickname of the beetle in Mexico, and the craftsmanship of the Huichols (also see Huichol art). Vochol is covered with 2,277,000 seed glass beads which weigh a total 90 kg. To stick all of these beads on the vocho 16 kg of locally produced res-in-based glue were needed. The artists also used yarn, paint and other local materials. It took eight artisans from two Huichol families 38,080 hours to complete this art work. This equals 4,760 hours per person.

Vochol 2

Amazing and beautiful isn’t it? :D

Best wishes from Mexico,