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Believe it or not, ProTeam is more than halfway over. During the last nine months we have experienced so many new and amazing things, many of which you have already read about in our past blogs. This last month in particular, was even more intense since we spent all of February working together as an entire team of 12. The first week was spent in Seeheim, where we put our airline skills into practice in a computer simulation. We split up into three teams and competed as Wicked Wings, Liberté and pink panthAIR against each other in the passenger and cargo markets. Afterwards, we drove out to Münsterschwarzach monastery where we spent the second week of February participating in a personal development workshop. Being away from the Lufthansa world really enabled us to reflect on ourselves and our growth within the program, both individually and together as a team. Let’s just say that the quiet week of meditation with the monks really prepared us for our last group project in Hamburg. There, we spent the last two weeks developing an innovative business concept for Lufthansa Technik. We can’t talk about it just yet, but you will probably be seeing it on our planes very soon ;-)

Now, after all that excitement an even more thrilling adventure awaits us. Spoiler alert ;-) ..- for our third projects at the beginning of March we will be checking out the Lufthansa Group in New York, Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok, Austria, and some other exotic places. You will soon read or hear about it!

For now, we would like you to find out more about our reflections on individual experiences!

Your ProTeam Generation29

“I have understood and experienced the real meaning of the word “diversity”. And I have come to perceive diversity as enrichment. The very different personalities of my fellow ProTeam colleagues have broadened my horizon. The different life plans of the other ProTeamers and personalities we have met along the way have inspired me as well. Personally, I have realized that I can trust my gut instincts when it comes to choosing my path. The amazing result: Self-satisfaction and confidence.”


“I figured that you can find your fulfillment in jobs that were never part of your career planning. The best decisions happen by accident. So, just apply, if you feel you are going to have fun with it and you are good in what you do. There couldn’t be a better qualification.“

“During the ProTeam program I have learned that every team member thinks differently and that this is the key to our success. We come up with the best ideas when we exchange information or thoughts with one another. I have had so many positive experiences that I can’t even begin to count them. I will say that one of the best things that happened during the program was developing friendships with my teammates whom I am lucky enough to work with.”

“Assessment day, job offer, introduction. New people, presentations, seminars, workshops. India, Münsterschwarzach, Hamburg, Vienna. The last twelve months were exciting and also exhausting. I’ve learnt about the aviation industry, the Lufthansa Group, but most importantly I learnt about the other ProTeamers and myself. There’s no team like ProTeam!”

Dino & Rasmus

“For me the most positive thing about ProTeam is the freedom and flexibility I have within the program. When choosing projects I am able to choose from whatever part of Lufthansa I want, which helps me to bring in my strengths but also to try out new things and discover new interests.”

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