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Hello blog readers,


We are glad you found your way here and clicked on this blog post about our Lufthansa Cargo blog week :)

We are Ann-Kathrin and Jorina, both interns at Lufthansa Cargo in Frankfurt, Germany. Ann-Kathrin does her internship in Human Resource Development and Jorina works in Handling & Processes and Human Resource Development.  

As we are both new at Cargo and have already experienced its diversity and internationality, we would love to share our “Cargo spirit” with you.


View from our office. You can see Frankfurt’s skyline in the background and three Lufthansa Cargo freighters.


Lufthansa Cargo transports goods within 300 destinations around the world in almost 100 different countries. Whether it is airmail, sports cars or even live animals, we carry them all! Lufthansa Cargo split up the world in four different areas which are Germany (G1), Europe & Africa (G2), The Americas (G3) and Asia & Pacific (G4).

We both work for the area G2 and this week’s motto “Say hello around the world” will give you the chance to read about our intern’s experiences all over the world. Each day an intern from a different area will post about their Cargo experience. We are very excited to read about Tim from Frankfurt, Anabel from Atlanta, Christina, Gary and Jimmy from Singapore and Florian from Vienna.

If we caught your attention and you would like to know more about the exciting Lufthansa Cargo and our stations around the world, keep reading our blog posts this week. You won’t be disappointed :)


Much love from Germany,

Jorina and Ann-Kathrin


Jorina and Ann-Kathrin in front of the Lufthansa Cargo building

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