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Ready for De-icing

My name is Maxim and I’m nearly 6 years employee of Lufthansa Cargo in KJA. My position is weight and balance agent and ramp agent. Actually in KJA we work like a representatives of our company. My 7 colleagues and me solve all problems which could happen during operation Lufthansa Cargo flights through Krasnoyarsk airport.
Let me tell you something about Krasnoyarsk. Just look on the map of Russia, we are directly in the middle.
Krasnoyarsk is a city and the administrative center of Krasnoyarsk Region, Russia, located on the Yenisei River. It is one of the largest city in Siberia with a population around 1million.

The Yenisei River flows from west to east through the city. Due to the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric dam 32 kilometers upstream, the Yenisei never freezes in winter.
Our airport is not far from the city, it is approximately 27 km from the city center. The full name of the airport is – «Yemelyanovo International Airport» (IATA: KJA, ICAO: UNKL) and It was opened for operations in 1980. Lufthansa Cargo started to schedule flights via the KJA since 2009. We operate around 25-30 flights per week, all of them are transit flights, but sometimes we have service cargo (spare parts for our aircrafts).
To write about the job in few words, we control and support airport services, are responsible for crew change and crew transportation, fueling the aircraft, catering, connection with Immigration and Customs departments, ground equipment, documents preparation and etc., but for me the De-icing procedure is the most interesting part of the process. Krasnoyarsk region has continental climate, that means we have a hot summer (up +35) and really cold winter (-40,-50). But all years are different and sometimes we have warm winter with temperature from -10 to -15. Winter season 2014-2015 was like this and it is the most dangerous for aviation than maximum cooling, because it is always snowing at this temperature and snow impacts on weight of the aircraft and flights instruments negatively. It is a question of safety and we have to solve it as well.

The work at the airport is very interesting and I promise to write you more detail about all of this parts and also about the life in Krasnoyarsk in the future.
Best regards Maxim

KJA De-icing

Yulia’s part:
Dear bloggers! Being nearly 6 years with Lufthansa Cargo, this is my first time as a blog participant and a nice chance to share some information about Lufthansa Cargo station in Krasnoyarsk with you. I started in 2009, when the station was opened and – this is unbelievable how fast the time is running – we celebrated the 5000-th flight in December 2012 and now we are waiting for the 10000-th in August of 2015! I work on the position of the administrative assistant of the station manager, so my job is in the connection with the support of the operation team as well as the matters of expat staff, like visas, registration, rent contracts and a lot of other different duties in regards of the station working process in KJA. I am happy with my job, as I like to work with people and it is a pretty good chance for me to learn a lot of new things day by day and to be a part of the support of different company departments -operations, accountants, human resources- as well as to be part of a nice and amazing team.


The working process in Siberia is really special and could be very different, in comparison, for example with the Europe stations as it is greatly influenced by the sharp continental climate, which means quick weather changes as well as famous Siberian frosts and extremely long winter (de-icing) period.
Krasnoyarsk was founded in 1628 and now it is a big historical, cultural and industrial center of Siberia. The territory of Krasnoyarsk region stretches from the Arctic Ocean to the southern slopes of the Altai-Sayan mountain system. Its area is 2339.7 thousand. kV. km (about 14% of the territory of the Russian Federation). Imagine how much fun here! The Krasnoyarsk region is known by its unique nature .
There are 323 thousand lakes on the territory of Krasnoyarsk region with an area of mirrors above ten hectares. The evergreen taiga forest and famous rocks « Stolbi» are real wonders of the world!
I would be pretty happy if you get a chance to get a flight to KJA and see all with your own eyes!:)

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