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In keeping with the multiple cultures theme: this week is International Night!

The winter season can be kind of slow for the airport staff: capacity is reduced, less people are going on vacation, and there is generally just less to do. In the interests of learning more about the people you work with and celebrating our infamous love of all things edible, local management decided to create a party called International Night.


Table at International Night

Just some of the food at International Night

After the last flight leaves, we gather together for a potluck dinner. Everyone has to bring a dish from their home country. We then listen while each person introduces their dish, what sort of ingredients are in it, and why it is special for their culture. I felt boring as an American, and there was a ban on bringing hamburgers, so ordering 40 Happy Meals from McDonald’s was not an option. Dang it.

At international night this was strictly – as they say – “verboten” …

I cheated and decided to bring a dish from Finland, which is a country whose culture I have learned a lot about when I studied the language in college. Learning to make the dish was a challenge, and doing that before going to work was a bit tiring, but it was totally worth the effort.


What I tried to make – and failed …

It turns out my colleagues went all out. We had food from Iran, Bosnia, Greece, Jamaica, Germany,  the Philippines, Japan, India, Albania, Italy, and more. Everything was delicious and we learned a little bit more about where the other person comes from. Overall, it was a great day – I just wish my dish turned out half as well as the ones up there look!

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